Monday, April 21, 2008

Random Ramblings

So I'm going to have a crop at my house on Saturday, May 3rd (National Scrapbook Day) at 6:00 pm. So plan on being there. Also since it's spring cleaning time, if you are cleaning out your scrap room and have stuff you need to get rid of bring it along and we'll do a swap with others. I'm hoping to get some pages done of Logan since I haven't done a single page on him. I'll provide drinks, if you'll bring a treat to share. If you need address info leave me a comment.

Understanding Exposure
Okay Erin and Brek or anyone else going through the book - I'm not going to post the first exercise because it would be the same photo over and over. So make sure you do it because you'll understand ISO better which may have been my whole problem I was having with my camera. But next Monday I will post photos for the exercise on pgs. 30-31. I love the examples he gives for this next exercise especially the ferris wheel and the sunflower. So get creative and see what we can come up with.

Dance Competition (you might want to skip it because I ramble way to much)
Well there wasn't anything too funny that happened other than there was this team that did a dance to Scooby Doo. If anyone knows Brandi they know she is terrified for Scooby Doo. They tell the judges not to laugh or show any emotion because everyone is watching you and they might think your emotion is directed at the people you are judging. Well I couldn't help it because Brandi was sitting right behind me and then when I realized I was laughing I grunted because I needed to stop and then the whole time through that dance I was just trying to keep a straight face and I so wanted to turn around and see what Brandi was doing through that whole dance but I used some serious restraint.

Overall it was harder than I thought it would be to judge just because it moves so fast. I loved it though and I would do it again in a second.

I wasn't going to say anything negative about it but I decided that there was one thing that really bugged me at the competition and since it bugged me so much I'd even say it to their face because that is how much it bothered me. There are some dancers that I danced with that are still competing and I found this really sad because I feel like their time to shine is over and they should move on so new kids can be made MVPs or win overall. I don't think that they could give me a good reason of why they still do it because it just kills me that it is still the same winners as when I was dancing and none of these new kids are getting a chance to be that winner. If these dancers do it because they enjoy it then just do team. That is what I find the hardest because there is a whole generation of students not being able to win because of this. Okay, I'm not stepping off of my pedestal.

Another bummer from the competition is that they didn't read my bio. So if I judge again I'll just have to wear my sash that states that I am the Dance Dance Revolution MVP for 2006.


Tim&Kirst said...

The scrap night sounds fun...count me in! AND...when are you having another DDR partay? I want to be invited to the next one (even if it's only for your ward--since we know like half of your ward anyways) :)

Bevany said...

I wish I could come to your scrap night. It would be fun. So, I'm slowly remembering your clogging days...remember I was going to join the band and go on tour with you...and I knew a guy you clogged with but I can't remember his name. Does this sound familiar, or am I making it up?