Wednesday, December 16, 2009

YW - Value Jar

In Young Womens we've been trying to encourage the girls to work on their Personal Progress. I found the idea of the value jar online and it's been working really well. Each month I make a treat that is the color of one of the values, if a girl has completed an experience she gets a treat. Here is one I did for knowledge - I just filled a baggie with green candy and then made a topper for it. I've also done candles, hair ties, and pens. We bring the jar out the 1st and 3rd Sundays when we all meet together for our lesson. Just thought I'd pass the idea along.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekender Bag

Just a quick update. Things are really crazy in our house right now. Work is super busy which I'm grateful for I just wish some of the deadlines weren't right on top of each other. Also I'm in charge of all the decorations with Brittany for the ward party. Also had to throw in the flu this week. I'm feeling better but my appetite isn't completely back.

Below are some photos of a bag I made with my mom in October. I've loved this bag ever since I saw it. Right now I still have a love/hate relationship with it. I love how cute it turned out but the memories are still too fresh from making it that I still shudder. This bag was not easy to put together by any means. I bet I easily spent over 15 hours just cutting out all the fabric. Crazy. So the thing I learned from this is if you see a bag that's cute and even if it costs over a $100, buy it. It's worth the cost trust me.
All the fabric was from Ikea. If you haven't checked out their fabric you should because they have some really cute stuff.Logan was being my bag model but then found his magna doodle.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Small Town Style

This year we were in small town Idaho for Thanksgiving. It was us and 53 of my closest relatives. I'm so glad my aunt and uncle let all of us come over to their house to have Thanksgiving.
It wasn't freezing cold so Logan spent quite a bit of time outside playing. Here he is with his favorite person at the moment, Baby Belle.
I have to share this funny story. So my aunt and uncle have kind of a stray cat situation but in this case it's not a cat but a 300+ lbs., 30-something male. Yes he hangs out at their house all the time and let's just say he's very weird. He ended up also spending Thanksgiving with our family and it was too funny because Logan was crawling all over Bubba (name has been changed to protect the innocent, not sure if innocent is the right word) as if they were best friends. When I saw Logan crawling all over him let's just say I wanted to die and then purell my son. Hee! I've decided I don't mind the stray cat that's always in our yard because it could be a lot worse.

We made my 10 year old cousin go down by the railroad tracks and take some photos of us though.

I loved this old truck that was down there. If you look in the distance there is an old boxcar. I wanted some pictures there but didn't want to hop the fence, maybe next Summer.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea

I have to share this neighbor gift that we did last year. I should have posted this earlier but you could still do this and give them to your neighbors and they would bloom shortly after the New Year. These are paper whites and it takes 4-6 weeks for them to bloom. They sell them at about any store right now but if you go to a nursery like J&L they are usually a ton cheaper. This is probably the easiest neighbor gift we've ever done. The only downside is you can't just leave them on their front porch or else they'll freeze.
Also if they save the bulb they could plant it again next year and it will bloom again. Here is a close up of the flowers.
Then here are some of the leftovers and also I planted a lot more than I needed but was worried they wouldn't grow. They were seriously the easiest plant to grow that anyone can do it.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Through the viewfinder (ttv) - I've been meaning to do a post on this since July but now I'm glad I waited. When I first saw a photo taken this way I thought it was just a very old camera taking a picture. My favorite artist who takes ttv photos is on etsy, Alicia Bock. Her work can be seen in tons and tons of places even on sets on tv. Well once I figured out what it was I figured that's just too hard to do and I don't have a vintage camera so I'll just have to do a faux ttv in Photoshop sometime.

Before I get ahead of myself I should explain what a ttv is. You get a vintage camera and make usually a cardboard contraption for it that is a tunnel from the viewfinder to the lens of your camera. Your camera is on the other end of the cardboard tube taking photos of the vintage cameras viewfinder.

This past weekend at Spark there was a photography class taught by Jefra Lin. This class was different than I was expecting. I was expecting a more instructional workshop but instead it was a get out and play. Which I'd never done and it was so fun. Jefra had a bunch of different toy lenses, a Lensbaby and a ttv. It wasn't till I uploaded my photos that I truly appreciated this class.

So here are my ttv's. Keep in mind I didn't think any of them were turning out so I was simply just taking photos all within like a 5 feet area. I wish I would have walked around a little and taken even more photos.

If you'd like to learn more about ttv's or just see some amazing photos there are several ttv groups on flickr.

I loved the results of my photos so much I hopped on eBay and I have a old camera in route to my house so I can create more ttv.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So this last weekend was Spark. Even though I won a spot to this event it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They haven't announced if they are doing one next year but I all ready know I have to be there. It was like they seriously got into my brain and found everything I'm in love with and obsessed with and we created it at this event.
Their big thing was finding that spark of creativity in yourself. Well I definitely feel like I've found it. Actually Sunday and Monday it felt more like a bonfire. It was actually very hard to focus during church and then go to my totally right brain job on Monday.

The 4 women in charge of this event thought of everything. They had This is the Place Monument all decorated for the event and it was absolutely darling. I'm totally going to go out and buy coffee filters to make some cute flowers.
Poor Tad when I'd get home each night he had to listen to me babble on and on about what we did that day. It still is hard to decide which was better, the fun projects or the amazing women I met at this. I was so completely scared to go to this because I was going alone and I'd been to an event similar to this before and it was so clicky that I was sure I'd be by myself all weekend. I just happened to sit at a table with the nicest women ever so it was like I was there with 6 friends. It was awesome. Aside from sitting at the best table I was amazed because everyone attending this was also very very nice.
Okay now onto the artists that were there. The first day we had 16 artists there to do quick projects with and I was totally blown away by all the talent. I always knew there were a bunch of creative people in Utah but these women each one of them were beyond amazing. I'm going to try to get photos up of some of the projects in the next couple days (it's been a crazy week work/church wise so cut me some slack).
Then the next day was 4 classes with the women that created this event. One of the classes was with Kelly McCaleb and she did these t-shirts with vintage fabric flowers and ruffles on them. Here is Vicki's shirt. Aren't her roses adorable?

Here is Sister O'Malley (left) and Heather in that class. Heather was a total savant when it came to making the fabric flowers.

Then here is Vicki, me and Holly.
Then here is our whole group from left to right: - Krista, Holly, Amy, Vicki, me, Heather and Anne.

At the end of all the classes and after dinner we had a Spark fireside. It got a little scary there with the sparklers for a minute but no one started on fire. It really was so amazing and I was inspired in so many ways. Now I'm just hoping this happens next year.
If you want to see more photos check Liz's blog - or Wynona's blog.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Grr Tina Fey

So keep in mind I haven't bought glasses in a decade. So I have an eye appointment yesterday, after I'm all excited to go to Costco and pick out some glasses. Uggh, have you looked for glasses lately? While Tina Fey and Ali Edwards may look great in glasses like these not everyone does. Right now I'm thinking my glasses that are missing one of the ear pieces in better than the choices I found.
The alternative is either lesbian, kooky grandma or Sarah Palin glasses. No thanks.
If anyone has any advice on selecting glasses I'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Deadliest Catch

Okay so these pictures are in reverse order but I'm too tired to switch them. Here is Baby George aka Miles and Logan. Logan thinks every monkey is George or maybe he just thinks anything that looks like a monkey is called George. He loves to play with his cousin, give him kisses, hold him and also step on him. Sorry Miles.
Here are my two of my favorite dinner buddies, Sookie Stackhouse and Jared. Sorry Jared couldn't come up with a creative name. If you couldn't tell from the earlier picture, Logan was a shark. Tad and I were fishermen. Sorry Tad this was the best picture I could find.

At our ward trunk or treat we had a chili cookoff and Brittany won the Judge's Choice Award. I had her chili and it was very yummy. Different from your regular chili, it was a sweet chili and it had bacon. Yum. I made sure I had Brittany's chili because I honestly had nightmares about this chili cookoff (just think Wendy's chili with the finger in it).

Earlier in the day we had a party with the cloggers. Check out how cute Baby C is. He is only 4 months and he has so much hair like his big sister did. In case you didn't know this is Logan's future brother-in-law and he was Elvis for Halloween.

So that was our Halloween. It was super fun and I didn't really get many good photos so this will have to do. Oh, we did go to this house above Davis Blvd. that was all decked out. It was really cool and next year I'll have to post the address because it was awesome.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Park Leaves

The park right by our house has the best trees that drop their leaves all within a week and usually in early October. I noticed Fall was about 2 weeks late this year, I'm thinking that's because of all the rain in June that those leaves held on a little longer. Yes, I'm a dork and keep track of exactly when leaves fall and other gardening things that occur.

Well Logan had been shut in too long so we went down and played in the leaves. No the leaves on our big trees don't usually fall till late November-early December. Uggh. Not sure what Logan's doing in this first picture. I'm betting he just got done picking his nose or something.

He's such a funny guy right now. His vocabulary is growing every day. I just laugh because you never know what is going to come out of that mouth.
Also someone commented that I got good photos of him at the pumpkin patch. I didn't really. 90% of them are of his back side because he's always running away, I just happened to get two that were somewhat of his face. You have to be very very quick.

I love that these trees just drop all their leaves all at once so there is just tons and tons of leaves everywhere.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Uncle and Aunt Photos

My Uncle and Aunt came down from Idaho to go to Lagoon and get some updated photos for their adoption profile. No pressure or anything since it's only the photo that birth parents look at when making the initial selection process. Yikes. So we went to the park behind Lagoon to take photos and we kept thinking the rain would let up. Nope, it just dumped the entire time. Tad was great and came with me so he could hold the umbrella and then hurry and take it away while I'd take a shot then hand it back.

It was fun to visit with them and I just hope they get a baby real soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Surprise Brek!

Saturday we had a surprise pampering party for Brek. She's expecting her 3rd boy. I knew that Brek hasn't been enjoying being pregnant so much (who does?), so we planned a fun day for her.

Well I'm not a spa type person so I couldn't figure out what to do. Brittany was in charge of planning the menu since her food is always amazing. She made her taco soup. I made preggatinis. For the recipe go here.
Everyone was teasing me because everything I do right now comes from a blog. It's totally true. Part of the reason I wanted to do this shower was so I could do some decorations. Right now I'm totally into pennant garlands and tissue paper pom poms. Right now if you look at any party/wedding blogs you'll find them there.
So for these ideas I'll just give you links to two of my favorite blogs that I check daily.
Then I threw together these gift bags that I saw on Flickr from one of my favorite scrapbookers, Tara Anderson. She seriously does the most amazing paper flowers ever. Here is a link to her adorable gift bags or check out her blog for more amazing ideas - the pink couch.We also did glitter toes. No I'm not going to give you a shot of feet, that's gross. This idea I first got from Aisha. Then I saw instructions posted on one of my favorite blogs that I began checking out for YW stuff but now read every day just because the writer is so creative. So for instructions on glitter toes go here. Oh and I so wasn't going to post this picture but it's the only one I have of people. Don't hate. We also made Heather Bailey Fabric Flowers. I read her site all the time but I found out from her site she was on Studio 5 and that is where I took her fabric flower tutorial. So there you go, those are all the details for the shower, I'm not creative at all I just look at too many blogs.
Now I have to go because I need to get back to my Mr. Darcy.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Lucky Pumpkins

Well I now feel safe talking about this. The day that we left for Florida, I was checking my usual blogs and when I got to my favorite Utah blog, Your Heart Out. I noticed I had won their drawing. Now this isn't just a little prize, this is a spot at Spark Event. My favorite scrapbooker will be there, Elizabeth Kartchner. I'm so excited because there is no way I could have afforded to go. I'm so excited. They finally contacted me this week so now I feel safe to talk about it.
Since I can't post without a picture here are some photos from our recent trip to the pumpkin patch. We went up to Pack Farms. Logan went around saying pumpkin (said in your most hillbilly voice). Thank you Elmo for teaching him to say it like that.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Beach Photos

While we were in Florida I had the opportunity to take pictures of Teisha's family. I'm posting these in case there is one person out there who didn't see them on Teisha's site.

There is a photographer that I follow who takes amazing beach photos. After taking these photos I'm almost convinced that it's impossible to take bad pictures at the beach. I loved how all of their photos turned out. It might just be the subjects because I've taken lots of photos of A&A and they just don't take bad photos. How perfect was this background, a boat on the side, lifeguard station and lone palm tree. Loved the pier in the background for Aidan's photos. I even liked some photos that we were in so maybe it is just the beach location that gives you great pictures.