Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Gift Idea

I have to share this neighbor gift that we did last year. I should have posted this earlier but you could still do this and give them to your neighbors and they would bloom shortly after the New Year. These are paper whites and it takes 4-6 weeks for them to bloom. They sell them at about any store right now but if you go to a nursery like J&L they are usually a ton cheaper. This is probably the easiest neighbor gift we've ever done. The only downside is you can't just leave them on their front porch or else they'll freeze.
Also if they save the bulb they could plant it again next year and it will bloom again. Here is a close up of the flowers.
Then here are some of the leftovers and also I planted a lot more than I needed but was worried they wouldn't grow. They were seriously the easiest plant to grow that anyone can do it.


bevany said... much did each of those pots cost...with the soil and plant and everything. It's a great idea and I might just copy you.

Sabrina said...

Probably $3.50-$4.00 each. The bulb is $1.50. Pot with saucer thing under was like $1.15. I think the cheapest I found for pots was also at J&L. I know I price compared but I totally remember buying all the pots I could at J&L and then having to buy a couple more somewhere else. Potting soil isn't much at all. I had some in my garage but I'd say it's probalby about $5 a bag and that's more than enough. I also added peat moss and I just had some around the house but you don't have to do that and the peat moss was the real messy part.

Erin said...

Really cute idea.