Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pins I Love

Unless you live under a rock you've heard of Pinterest. Here are some of my
favorite pins I've tried.

These cookies were so moist. I love anything peanut butter and chocolate so this was amazing.

This was a recipe we received from Smith's Marketplace. It's so easy and more fun that traditional meatloaf because it's mini. This was a big hit for dinner.

This pin I almost put as a flop. It definetly takes longer to prepare than regular calzones but the garlic butter glaze makes it taste so good and Tad made it two weeks in a row he liked it so much. Anything Tad will prepare is a winner in my book.

Love this version of broccoli salad so much more than the traditional version.

This was so yummy. Mine looked nothing like this because the recipe says to throw everything and cook but this photo shows uncooked green onions. Yeah it doesn't look this pretty at all but it was yummy.

I created one of these prints of my own with dictionary paper I have from a book from the DI.

These were listed as free printables but they aren't. There is however a very cute book that the book cover contains all the alphabet that I've cut up to hang up in the boy's room. So cute.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What we've been up to

Enjoying City Creek. It's been a very long time since the project was started and it's nice to have it completed. I see several trips to Chick-fil-a and picnics near the mini fountain this Summer.

Falling in love with Baja Cantina at PCMR. Horrible photo but I totally dream of these flautas. You order 4 flautas and it's $10.85 for two people and that includes chips and salsa. Yum!
Munching on this little guys rolls. This photo doesn't even do his fatness justice. He's a super chunk and still the happiest baby. He's also completely mobile. We were wondering if he'd ever crawl because he's way too busy pulling himself up to walk.

Enjoying all this warm weather and spending as much time outside as we can playing and working in the yard.
Geeking out over Star Wars on boy's day out.
Playing trick or treat.
Visiting Legacy for trip 1 of 23,836 this year. This time it was on roller blades.