Wednesday, December 16, 2009

YW - Value Jar

In Young Womens we've been trying to encourage the girls to work on their Personal Progress. I found the idea of the value jar online and it's been working really well. Each month I make a treat that is the color of one of the values, if a girl has completed an experience she gets a treat. Here is one I did for knowledge - I just filled a baggie with green candy and then made a topper for it. I've also done candles, hair ties, and pens. We bring the jar out the 1st and 3rd Sundays when we all meet together for our lesson. Just thought I'd pass the idea along.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Weekender Bag

Just a quick update. Things are really crazy in our house right now. Work is super busy which I'm grateful for I just wish some of the deadlines weren't right on top of each other. Also I'm in charge of all the decorations with Brittany for the ward party. Also had to throw in the flu this week. I'm feeling better but my appetite isn't completely back.

Below are some photos of a bag I made with my mom in October. I've loved this bag ever since I saw it. Right now I still have a love/hate relationship with it. I love how cute it turned out but the memories are still too fresh from making it that I still shudder. This bag was not easy to put together by any means. I bet I easily spent over 15 hours just cutting out all the fabric. Crazy. So the thing I learned from this is if you see a bag that's cute and even if it costs over a $100, buy it. It's worth the cost trust me.
All the fabric was from Ikea. If you haven't checked out their fabric you should because they have some really cute stuff.Logan was being my bag model but then found his magna doodle.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Small Town Style

This year we were in small town Idaho for Thanksgiving. It was us and 53 of my closest relatives. I'm so glad my aunt and uncle let all of us come over to their house to have Thanksgiving.
It wasn't freezing cold so Logan spent quite a bit of time outside playing. Here he is with his favorite person at the moment, Baby Belle.
I have to share this funny story. So my aunt and uncle have kind of a stray cat situation but in this case it's not a cat but a 300+ lbs., 30-something male. Yes he hangs out at their house all the time and let's just say he's very weird. He ended up also spending Thanksgiving with our family and it was too funny because Logan was crawling all over Bubba (name has been changed to protect the innocent, not sure if innocent is the right word) as if they were best friends. When I saw Logan crawling all over him let's just say I wanted to die and then purell my son. Hee! I've decided I don't mind the stray cat that's always in our yard because it could be a lot worse.

We made my 10 year old cousin go down by the railroad tracks and take some photos of us though.

I loved this old truck that was down there. If you look in the distance there is an old boxcar. I wanted some pictures there but didn't want to hop the fence, maybe next Summer.