Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This year I read 48 books. Out of all those books, here are my top 3.

Hunger Games - I know who hasn't read this book. It seems like it was a long time ago when I read this but it was just January. I also loved the 2nd book - Catching Fire. Strongly disliked Mockingjay.Sarah's Key - Loved this book. It's one of those books that stays with you for the weeks after. Such a good book.

This year we received 125 DVDs in the mail. Wow! I didn't think the number was that high. Going over the list we saw a lot of duds. Well out of those here are my favorites (keep in mind I've become an Anglophile so most are BBC films).

Okay so I've shared some of my favorites of 2010 let me know what you read/watched this year that you loved. Especially books because lately I'm in a book funk.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Twas the Trip Before Christmas

The week before Christmas we finally went on vacation. We went to Legoland, Carlsbad Beach and Disneyland. The weather was absolutely perfect while we were there and I was glad it cooled down because it was very hot that first day.

Logan loved Legoland. He had to wear Dad's aviator glasses while flying the plane (Addy please notice Tad's glasses they no longer look like girl glasses).

Logan loved seeing the 'real' Bob. When we got to Disneyland and saw Buzz Lightyear he said, "It's the real Buzz like the real Bob!"

He got to see Aladdin. His favorite ride was Peter Pan and he loved the roller coaster at Legoland because Tad told him it was the Dinosaur Train.

We missed Woody every time but Logan loved shooting Jessie with his Buzz blaster

We went with Tad's sister's family and we got into Disney for free because of them. It was the best present and we had so much fun with them.
Here is Logan with Santa at The Grand Californian. Tad had to prop him on the chair because Santa didn't really have room on his lap.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ski Day

During Thanksgiving two of the cutest guys went skiing - Logan and Miles. I love that everyone makes sure they match each other. I'm sure that's so they could pick up more ski bunnies.
Lo with his new goggles. He might be even worse than his daddy in thinking he needs new skis each season. When mommy was getting her new boots and skis a little boy was having an absolute fit because he wasn't getting anything but goggles.
Then the tantrum extended because we didn't go skiing that day but it was the beginning of October. Like father, like son.

Miles shredding the pow pow.
Remember these two because in 15 years they'll be the stars of the World Cup.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'll Be Back Again Someday

I know everyone is busy so can’t use that excuse. I guess blogging has dropped on my priorities. Tad’s been doing his internship with Jr. Jazz so he’s been gone a couple nights each week and then on the weekends he’s off skiing (working). If you wondering, no I don’t really see him but ski season ends in April. I've really enjoyed all the Logan time I've had though.

I’ve got tons to post for Christmas ideas but it will just have to wait. Work is calming down for a little bit (I may have just jinxed myself). I volunteered to do the Ward Christmas decorations again this year and have to have those done by Thursday. Tonight after Logan goes to bed I’ll be having a spray painting party. I’ve got a bunch to do before another deadline of Saturday. Primary fliers to create and deliver. Also where have all the weekends gone? I was kind of in a melancholy funk this weekend so that really ate up my motivation. Don’t worry nothing personal or to worry about just something that had me down.

Since I need a photo and something a little uplifting to this post, I did make it to the American Craft Warehouse Sale. I love their products and love this sale. I REALLY love their binders. So you should check it out, it’s worth the drive down to The UC (Utah County).

Also Heartland Paper is going out of business. I know kind of sad (depending on if you are Sabrina or Tad) but all their stuff is marked down 20%.

December POTM
Someone asked me whatever happened to these. Well I’ve kind of done them but also really failed miserably. I do have a December POTM but I’m letting my deadline be January 4th because I’ll need at least a full day to work on it so may have to use that Monday off as one. Also I know this will sound lame but I can’t tell you what it is. I’m weird and want to surprise Tad with it. I’ll probably be the only one in the family or elsewhere that thinks it’s cool.