Sunday, August 31, 2008

August Music

Okay, I can post what I like again. Last month I had some rather embarrassing favorites so I couldn't share.

We The Kings - Check Yes Juliet
Caroline Liar - I'm Not Over
Atreyu - Falling Down
I Hate Kate - It's Always Better
My Morning Jacket - Touch Me I'm Going to Scream

I would also like to thank Lucas because he has made me learn to appreciate/tolerate the Jonas Brothers. When I heard their song Burning Up for the quintillionth time, I was reminded of Lucas' quote, "He's warm for her form." So that song totally made sense after that.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Please answer

I have a bunch of questions and would love it if you'd answer them.

-What is your favorite hike to do in the Wasatch Front area (no Southern Utah/Moab stuff)?

-Is there anything fun happening this weekend (besides Swiss Days)? Curious because we're stuck in town with nothing to do except our awesome Hampton Style Pool Party Monday night.

-What were some of your favorite Young Women activities growing up?

-Any tips on how to actually plan meals and follow through with making them? I usually print a calendar and plan my meals out so I only have to grocery shop once a week but by the 1st or 2nd meal I'm done cooking and fall off the bandwagon. My goal for September is to cook more (it was also my NY Resolution, like every year).

-What tv show are you most looking forward to returning? Mine is Chuck.

-What are some of you favorite exercise videos?

-How do you keep a 10 1/2 month boy sleeping through the night and not waking up at 1:00 AM or 4:00 AM wanting to just get up and play with his toys?

The following song came on while driving home from YW the other night. I'm sure I've heard it before but I thought it was so funny I had to share. Totally describes teenage girls and how they think about boys.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


A couple weeks ago I was able to go take some pictures of Jenefer's newest girl, Phebe. She is so tiny and cute. I didn't get any good shots of her face because she was fussy but I got a couple of her feet.

Then one picture of all of the girls.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Arimo Wedding

On Friday Logan and I went up to Idaho for my cousin, Chris' wedding. Logan had so much fun. He loved crawling all over the bowery and getting dirty and hanging out with all the little kids. He also got to eat non-stop so it was his dream come true. All my mom's siblings were there so they got an updated shot of her siblings and spouses.
I wasn't watching Logan and then he was off dancing with Ginny. He's such a flirt.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Twin Lakes

We returned to Silver Lake to hike to Twin Lake. This time we took the Aerins (Aaron and Erin), Logan's betrothed - Acelin, Brandi and her niece. Man did this hike suck. It's only a mile long but you climb 1200 feet which would make the entire hike uphill. I actually hated going down more than going up because the trail is covered in rocks. The lake was pretty but I didn't see it's twin anywhere. We also walked around the lake hoping there was the other lake but nope it's just a bad name for the lake. It was pretty while we were up there but there are a lot easier hikes to go on to see a pretty lake.

This is only a 1/4 of the way up and look how far above Silver Lake we all ready are. It was seriously straight below us.
Here's the whole gang at Twin Lakes.

The dads that had to carry the kids.
How cute is this? Logan fell asleep on the way down. I don't blame him, I was exhausted too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Can't Do This To You

Okay so last night I was feeling really bad that I would be leaving you to ponder the Jonas Brothers. So Brittney sent me this fabulous clip from Twilight. It's one where they are in the greenhouse and I totally love it. Hope you enjoy!

Things That Baffle, Puzzle or Freak Me Out

Someone please explain the Jonas Brothers to me. They look like they are all past puberty but yet their voices still sound like 10 year old boys. Also I hate their song that is on the radio but it's seriously on every 2 seconds that I now find myself somewhat enjoying it. Please help me!

A little boy around our house is standing more and more on his own. Please help us!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm so boring

Sorry this blog is really lame during the week. It's just the work week starts and it's the same old stuff every day. Yesterday we went to Pace's so I feel like summer can end and it will be all right.

Since I'm so boring, I'll list some things I love right now.

  • If you haven't seen the Masterpiece's Jane Austen's Persuasion go rent it. Captain Wentworth (right) knocks the socks off of any Mr. Darcy I've seen. Yummy.

  • Next school is starting up again and books are way expensive so I love but even if you aren't in school it's a great place to buy any books or DVDs or CDs. Wish all our money wasn't going to school or I'd pick up a few things.

  • Those silly Stephenie Meyer's books are taking up any remaining time I have. Yes, I've read all 4 books but I'm rereading Eclipse right now. So excited for Thanksgiving this year and this might be the first time it's not all about the food (for me).

  • I'm so excited for this Friday because I get to find out if I'm getting a new niece or nephew.

  • I never thought I'd say this but I'm loving the outdoors. We're going hiking again this Saturday and I'm looking forward to it.
  • I love this paper. I think it is so cute and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She's Here

Well my brother has done it again. He's added one more member to his family. She's so cute just like his first offspring that we continue to keep Jared around. Her name is Isabelle Lily and I think I have a pillow that weighs more than her. She is so quiet and just sleeps all day.
Logan's no longer the baby in the family.
Also I have to share this because sometimes I really hate my sister-in-law. Her stomach is all ready flatter than mine is and it's been 10 months. Oh, I hate her.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Camp Out and Weekend

This weekend we had our ward camp out. It was at Crystal Hot Springs (I'm not going to link it because the pools are gross and so is the campground). All that aside we had a fun time. Friday night we had an authentic Hawaiian meal and all of it was AMAZING. Then the next day we had pancakes and cleaned up. Tad brought up his boondoggle up to share the love with all the little kids. They loved it but then all had to leave so I guess they all had something to do on the ride home.

Here's Logan just chillin while we're trying to feed him breakfast. He loves pancakes so after I felt like I'd fed him enough I gave him his own to chew on.
Here he is in the pool with Dad. If the water looks gross trust me it's even grosser in person. So far neither one of them is sick and they have lost any appendages so I think we lucked out.
Now for the part of the trip that I've been wanting to do forever. I finally had an excuse to go see the Spiral Jetty. We went with Brek & Mike's family and Sheri and the Anti-Blogger's family.

On the way to the Spiral Jetty there is The Golden Spike Monument. It was actually a lot cooler than I thought. I think mostly because they have exact replicas of the trains that were there when it all took place.
After we looked at the trains it was time to leave. I was so glad the Noice's continued on with us because even at the Golden Spike it is extremely remote. I was very surprised by all the cars coming back from the Jetty because I thought we'd be the only ones crazy enough to go out there.
Okay, so I have to say the sculpture was amazing but what was even cooler was the salt surrounding it. It was the weirdest thing to walk on. I almost felt like I was walking on ice over a lake just waiting for it to break through. It also sparkles just like snow (maybe even more sparkly). It's super hot to stand out there in the sun because of the reflection and it stinks. It still was so cool and I really wish the Noice's had walked down so I could have done some family pictures because it was cool. I also kept waiting for Jack Sparrow's ship to come up with the crabs pulling it.
So not the best picture ever but as I was loading them on the computer I just laughed so hard. I didn't know Logan was peaking his head around Tad's. That kid just makes me laugh. This little guy turned 10 months on Saturday.
Here's our family shot in front of the Jetty.
Hiking back to our car because the last little section of the road got a little scary.
I'm so glad I finally got to see this but don't think I'll ever be back since it is so remote and there is NOTHING anywhere near it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Cecret Lake

Nope that isn't a typo that's how they spell it. On Saturday we went up to Alta and hiked up to Cecret Lake. It was so gorgeous. I've never seen so many wildflowers in my life. If you are reading this you have to go up there because it's amazing.

Okay so I've seen a lot of Indian Paintbrush before (that's a certain wildflower for you non-flower people) but I've never been a fan till now. Holy cow, they were bright pink and peach and just everywhere. I've always seen them being more red and never this many in one place. Might be my new favorite wildflower.

Logan loved the hike and just jabbered the whole way.
This shot was while I was trying to set up the camera on a rock to do a family shot but I like how it turned out.
Here's that family shot.
Another family shot but Logan wanted to look at me because I was running to hurry and sit before the timer went off. Yeah he laughed every time because I did look like a dork.
Here is the lake.
Ignore the fat girl in the shot, I put this photo on so you could see more of the lake and how gorgeous it is.
This was taken on the side of the road. The photo doesn't look as good online as it does in my files but the hillside is just covered in flowers.
Then the last two are just pictures of the mountains. It was so green it felt like you weren't in Utah.

After we went to BBQ at Aisha's house. It was so funny because I wanted to tell her to take her friend visiting from Maine up there but they were there probably an hour before us at the same exact place. Great minds must think alike.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Husband Tag

Okay before we get to the real post I just have to share two exciting things.
  • Remember this post where I took pictures of my cousin. Well they used two of my shots for their wedding invites. They used picture #2 and one similar to #6.
  • Teisha, Tad's sister is in town and we are going to hang out on Saturday. YEA!

1. What is his name? Tad William Fuller

2. Who eats more? Me, he eats to stay alive, I eat because I can.

3. Who said, "I love you" first? I did.

4. Who is taller? Tad

5. Who is smarter? Me, I don't know, I hate these type of questions.

6. Who is more sensitive? Definetly me.

7. Who does the laundry? Both, he sorts, I pretty much do the rest. Logan helps by getting the clothes out of the baskets and all over the floor.

8. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Tad

9. Who pays the bills? I do but most of it is automatic withdrawal.

10. Who cooks more? Tad but he really just bakes treats.

11. Who is more stubborn? Tad

12. Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Yikes, not sure on this one.

13. Who has more siblings? He does, he has 4 I have 1.

14. Who wears the pants in the relationship? Me even though Tad doesn't wear dresses either.

15. What do you like to do together? yard work, watch tv, play with Logan, go out to eat, we're so boring right now.

16. Who eats more sweets? Depends on what it is.

17. Guilty Pleasures? Coke or stupid computer games like Spider Solitaire or Mindsweeper

18. How did you meet? In American History class in college, I thought he was Teisha's boyfriend.

19. Who asked whom out first? I did, I won tickets to Led Zeppelin

20. Who kissed who first? He did.

21. Who proposed? He did.

22. His best features and qualities? He's just plain hot. He's also super patient and the best dad.

23. Tag you’re it. Who do you tag? Bevany, Amanda, Kirsten and Brek (anyone else who is reading this, do it! I want to hear about your husbands...but those named most definitely have to do it or they will be cursed with bad luck for 5 years (this means you Amber S, blog stalker)).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

POTM August/September {Before}

Last Winter we spent a big chunk of change to get rid of 4 huge cottonwood trees that were just moments from falling on our house and totally destroying it (this isn't an exaggeration). Each branch was as wide as most tree trunks. So 3 trees are gone and 1 trunk remains but there is still bark and mulch and weeds and over grown rose bushes. My project for the next 2 months is to clean up this strip and get grass planted where it isn't all ready. It might not look that bad but it is. The whole area is about 50' x 8'. I also want to kill all the weeds growing in the cracks of our driveway and sidewalk. Hate that!

This is probably the worst area of the driveway. It's all weeds, dead grass, that remaining tree trunk and then on the side of the garage is lawn waste, swamp cooler and old riding lawn mower. I want it all gone and by the end of September it will be. There still are some huge logs in our driveway and those might have to stay but everything else will be gone!
See all that crap against our house, that's bark from those huge trees. I want to stack that on the side of garage where the lawn mower and other waste now resides.
This shot doesn't look so bad but trust me there are tons of weeds in that grass and all the rose bushes need to be trimmed.

Yikes! I'm really not looking forward to this project but I told myself in January it would be our first project for the yard. I might have to dig up some pictures when there was even more bark crap because it seriously covered this whole section at least 3 feet deep everywhere.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Camp Part II

Here we are just chillin on the bridge at camp. I love this picture of our jr. leaders on the bridge. They were the best jr. leaders.
Okay, here is the worst thing I did at camp (according to the YW). I was almost done with New Moon and Dana wanted to start it since she skipped it. So I cut my $6.86 book. No biggie and I thought it was nice that way we both could read it and not have to wait. I'll just duct tape it back together when she's done with it.
Then here are biffy (aka porta potties) hats. You wear these hats when you go to the biffys so you have an air freshener right at your nose. These ones were pretty fancy because they had some bling attaching the air freshener.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm too old to be doing most of these things.

So last week I was at girl's camp. I love girl's camp and I really wanted to go because I'm sure this is my last year (I'm a 5th year as a leader). Mike N. I hope you aren't reading this and taking notes.

We went to Monte Cristo, and it's absolutely gorgeous up there. It's really remote and I've been stuck in some horrible rain/thunderstorms but the weather was perfect this time and I drove in so no yucky hiking and I wasn't 8 months pregnant this year. Yea!!!

Meisha just changed her hair color and I absolutely love it. I wish I could pull it off. Our theme for camp was Sweet is the Work, so it was all about a candy theme. One ward who is way too creative had a life size cut out of Zac Efron with a note that said "Eye Candy." I was laughing so hard when we found it that I had to go back and get a picture with it. The girls didn't seem too interested in going but man it was hard to drag them away from him when we were there. Here is our group, we were red for individual worth. Our candy bar was a Look candy bar. So we got the girls red sunglasses.
One of my favorite things at camp was that they had boondoggle. To me that is what made this camp an official summer camp. Also Tad's done some really cool ones so I think there should be an official 1st Ward Boondoggle Club. I nominate Tad as the president.
Then I left a little early from camp to go to my WX 10 year reunion. I'm glad I went. People I was excited to see I wish I hadn't talked to and then people I wasn't that good of friends with in high school I wish I had been better friends with because they were fun to talk to. I guess I'm just glad it's only every 10 years and next time I'll just expect the worst or skip it.
Then it only seemed fitting to go wait in line at Walmart for a teenager book about vampires. We were like 400 something in line. It was a lot of fun and I'm loving the book.
The rest of my weekend was spent abandoning my child while I stayed in bed reading the book. I'm half way through it.

Okay so all the funny pictures I loved from girl's camp won't post so I'll have to tweak them and post some more tomorrow. Be prepared for the biffy hats, the worst thing I did at camp and just my favorite picture I took. The girl's would be so proud I didn't take any "nature photos."