Friday, January 22, 2010

Another Amazing Weekend Planned

Away Version
Tonight the Utes are matching up against their rivals Georgia. We'll be at this and Logan is all ready Uted up for it. Go Utes!

This weekend at Park City Mountain Resort is the final qualifications for the US snowboard team for the half pipe. While that is exciting it's not as exciting as Jordan Catalano being in town. Saturday, night at 8:30 they'll announce the 2010 Olympic snowboard team and then have a free 30 Seconds to Mars concert (in case you didn't know that's Jared Leto's band). I was planning on going but have recently been informed that Tad will also be attending.

Also all the resorts have been pounded with snow this week so the skiing should be great. I'll be getting my powder at Deer Valley tomorrow while Tad gets his at PCMR.

Home Version
Now for those of you that are more of the hermit variety and would rather stay home this is for you. I know there are a lot of you out there because I called you to go to the above concert.

In case you want to watch the moguls that I attended last week at Deer Valley that will be airing Saturday on NBC from 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM MST.
Now here is one I'll actually be doing. Masterpiece Theater has a new version of Emma they are premiering on Sunday night at 8:00. In case you didn't know Clueless was based off Emma and if you are about my age, Clueless was like the Bible to high school. (Brek tell Mike it has Eli Stone in it and maybe he'll watch it. Hee!) In case you are busy and can't watch it on Sunday it will be playing online for a limited time just click the Emma link above.
So what are your plans for the weekend?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Star Wars Album

For Christmas I made Aidan, my nephew, a Star Wars album from when he attended Jedi Academy. I still need to fix the last page for him. Tad did all the journaling for the album and I just put it together. I had to do it quick and then put the photos on the pages in the Costco parking lot so we could catch the mail.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Plans

Ten Reasons You Should Be On The Slopes This Weekend
10-There will be several Olympians on the slopes.
9-The skiing will be awesome.
8-The snowboarding will be wicked.
7-The concerts are amazing.
6-You might be on tv.
5-Walking up to the hill counts as your workout.
4-You'll be out of all the yucky valley air.
3-There will be free stuff from the sponsors.
2-An excuse to dress up in your cutest ski bunny attire.
1-It's all FREE!!!

This weekend is not only the Deer Valley Freestyle International World Cup but it's also the Dew Tour at Snowbasin. So my plan for the weekend is to spend as much time as possible watching these events. To put it in to terms to show how amazing this is, pretty much all the Deer Valley events will be a preview of the Olympics so unless you have tickets for that Canadian event I'd say skip Deer Valley this weekend. The Dew Tour will have the amazing tricks that I need to go see so I can work them into my ski routine. The athletes for the Dew Tour will be mostly Americans but the talent will still be awesome. They most likely will have a little known boarder you may have heard of Shaun White. You're just going to have to trust me on this, it's going to be LEGENDARY.

Now on to the concerts. Thursday night in Park City is The Bravery. If you're asking yourself who that is, I promise if you youtube them you'll find a song you know.

Friday night is Dashboard Confessional. At one point I was completely obsessed with this band. Tad and I will be at this concert. You can thank me later for this great photo of lead singer, Chris Carrabba.

Here is the schedule for the Dew Tour.
Here is the schedule for the DV Freestyle.

Here is the run down of what I'll be attending and I'd love to go with friends especially Saturday since Tad will be working during the day.
Friday - Dashboard Confessional in O-Town
morning - Skiing SuperPipe - Snowbasin
afternoon - Slopestyle - Snowbasin
evening - Moguls men and women finals - Deer Valley

For Snowbasin it would be very wise to take their free shuttle to the resort. Also to dress warm and bring snacks if you want.

In case you live out of the state here is the tv schedule for the airing of the Dew Tour.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Well it's a new decade. This new year was kind of hard to start since it will be the farewell to my 20s and on to my 30s. Yikes! It seems like it was just 2000 so then thinking of that I think then it will be a blink and I'll be 40 which is hard to swallow since I'm still having a hard time with turning 30 next month.

Anyway . . . I got an external hard drive for my computer so right now I'm in the process of removing all photos so just getting these photos together took forever. I've put together some highlights from the last decade. I think it was my visiting teacher who was trying to console me about turning 30. I was telling her that I thought people that were 30 were so established and seemed to have everything together. She told me that she thinks your 20s is when you do the most things out of any decade of your life. Well looking back at it I believe she is right.

Got married (these were scanned in so no my cheeks weren't that red in the original photo or maybe I was just a blushing bride)

Went to Europe for the second time but this time Tad met me half way through the tour. I love this photo even though it's not the best because it was a photo I didn't know we'd give to Tad's Grandma who is no longer with us.

Bought a house.
Tad also went to Disneyland for the first time.

Couldn't find any pictures from this year but I'm sure we did lots of yard work around the house. Make something up for this year.
Tad started working at Park City Mountain Resort.

Went on a family vacation to Seattle, Vashon Island and Victoria. I love the Pacific Northwest and would love to live there some day.

Went on vacation with the Noices to San Francisco. This vacation was seriously so much fun, I still think about it all the time. It was fun to go with someone else because we did a lot of things we would have never done if it was just Tad and I.

Wow! This was a huge year. What didn't happen this year? Some good and some bad. Well three that I'll mention are I graduated from the University of Utah.
Survived pregnancy. I believe that is truly an accomplishment because I don't enjoy it at all.
Had Baby Logan.

Had to get our dead trees removed. I know kind of a weird highlight but I figure it was more than any vacation we've taken or giving birth to a baby (okay not less than a semester at the U though) so I had to include it. I actually like them being gone because I would lose so much sleep whenever there was a storm because they were so huge I just knew they were going to crash through our house.
Also I should mention that while reviewing pictures I noticed that my photography improved by leaps and bounds this year. So I guess that would also be a highlight.
Went to Florida. This picture was the only one I could find that had the most amount of our group.
Also won a spot to Spark and it was amazing.
Each year Ali Edwards encourages you to pick a word for the year that you will focus on. I've never done this but this year the word just seemed to come to me. If you want to learn more about her 'one little word' you can go here. The word I've chosen is change. I feel like there are going to be lots of changes this year. Some of those changes are ones I need to make, some I don't believe I know about yet. So the word just came to me and I think it will help me be prepared for whatever comes our way in 2010.
Also I've written down all my goals for 2010 and I've decided to share them as I accomplish them. I think 2010 will be a great year.