Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weekend Plans

Ten Reasons You Should Be On The Slopes This Weekend
10-There will be several Olympians on the slopes.
9-The skiing will be awesome.
8-The snowboarding will be wicked.
7-The concerts are amazing.
6-You might be on tv.
5-Walking up to the hill counts as your workout.
4-You'll be out of all the yucky valley air.
3-There will be free stuff from the sponsors.
2-An excuse to dress up in your cutest ski bunny attire.
1-It's all FREE!!!

This weekend is not only the Deer Valley Freestyle International World Cup but it's also the Dew Tour at Snowbasin. So my plan for the weekend is to spend as much time as possible watching these events. To put it in to terms to show how amazing this is, pretty much all the Deer Valley events will be a preview of the Olympics so unless you have tickets for that Canadian event I'd say skip Deer Valley this weekend. The Dew Tour will have the amazing tricks that I need to go see so I can work them into my ski routine. The athletes for the Dew Tour will be mostly Americans but the talent will still be awesome. They most likely will have a little known boarder you may have heard of Shaun White. You're just going to have to trust me on this, it's going to be LEGENDARY.

Now on to the concerts. Thursday night in Park City is The Bravery. If you're asking yourself who that is, I promise if you youtube them you'll find a song you know.

Friday night is Dashboard Confessional. At one point I was completely obsessed with this band. Tad and I will be at this concert. You can thank me later for this great photo of lead singer, Chris Carrabba.

Here is the schedule for the Dew Tour.
Here is the schedule for the DV Freestyle.

Here is the run down of what I'll be attending and I'd love to go with friends especially Saturday since Tad will be working during the day.
Friday - Dashboard Confessional in O-Town
morning - Skiing SuperPipe - Snowbasin
afternoon - Slopestyle - Snowbasin
evening - Moguls men and women finals - Deer Valley

For Snowbasin it would be very wise to take their free shuttle to the resort. Also to dress warm and bring snacks if you want.

In case you live out of the state here is the tv schedule for the airing of the Dew Tour.


bevany said...

I wish I had the energy to attend all of this stuff. It sounds so fun. The Dashboard Confessional concert is very tempting...

Brittany Evans said...

I don't see a note here about Jordan Catalano being in town. Where's your loyalty?