Monday, June 15, 2009

While Mommy is away....

Warning!!! This post is not from Sabrina.
Logan visited a galaxy far, far away. Curiously he was more scared of Santa Claus than Darth Vader.

Logan is also eating very healthy.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So Embarrassing

So most people know I'm anti cell phones and don't own one. Well while I've been in Memphis I've been borrowing my mom's. So during lunch we go to the Marriott to eat and you have to go up about 4 steps to go to the area we eat at.

So we're all done eating and luckily all of the attorneys had gone back except one. She was in front of me and I was trying to dial the hotel. Well I took the first step down the stairs but didn't take the rest of the stairs. Instead I fell on the floor just stunned because it took me a second to figure out what had happened. Luckily the one attorney with me was walking in front of me so she didn't see it but I had fallen in front of three of the people from the opposing side of trial. I seriously wanted to die. The first thing the attorney said when she got to me sprawled all over the floor was, "I can definitely tell you don't have a cell phone at home."

Even though this story sounds way embarrassing it's nothing compared to what happened two days later. I can't share that story yet but will when this trial is over. I still cringe just thinking about it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Storage Solutions Solved

I bought a salad at a gas station awhile back and this was in their packaging (yeah you don't need to tell me that gas station salads will probably kill me, I know). Yep it's a portable fork. You know because it was taking up so much room before.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Look at how sweet and innocent they look in these photos. Just recharging for their next move.

Here Savannah is explaining complex exponential algorithm.

Monday, June 8, 2009

All Boy

It seems in the last month or so Logan has turned into all boy. To say he loves to be outside would be an understatement. He goes to the park at least twice a day. He screams when it's time to come in for the night or when we make him come inside because it's raining.

Here he is digging in one of the dirt piles in our yard. This kid has been a climber for awhile but he just keeps getting stronger and stronger and he has no fear. Here he is hanging from Grandma's swingset.

Here's a shot of his partner in crime, Savannah. Next month they are moving just 3 blocks away from us so they can cause more problems together.

Friday, June 5, 2009

I {Heart} . . .

Below are some things I love right now, in no particular order. I recently signed up for this because I'm finding more and more movies aren't at the video store. I love it. Now I can watch all the cheesy shows they don't have and no one has to know I watched those cheesy shows. I've also been watching a lot of BBC shows. Tad's even been enjoying one of them.

Richard Armitage - Brittany lent me the mini series North and South (it's not the Civil War one) and I wasn't hooked on it till the end. Then I was in love with Thornton in the movie and that kind of led to me joining Netflix and renting Robin Hood. Tad enjoys it even if I don't like Richard Armitage in Robin Hood because he's evil.

Marcia Lynn McClure - Okay so I've liked her for awhile but was too embarrassed to admit it. Now I guess I need to confess because I've got a slight addiction problem (okay it's a big addiction). In one week I read 5 of her books. 5 BOOKS!!!! Yes I do need to get a life. In case anyone else wants to read her books here are her books and how I've ranked them.

Loved these book and would read them again in a second.

The Highwayman of Tanglewood
A Touch of Sage
The Visions of Ransom Lake
Whispered Kiss
Shackles of Honor

Really good but wouldn't read again
Dusty Britches
Desert Fire
Prairie Prince
Rogue Knight
To Echo the Past

It was all right but no loss if you don't read it
Sudden Storms
The Heavenly Surrender
The Fragrance of Her Name

Born For Thornton's Sake

A Time for Aspen Falls

Love the colors yellow and white together. had the prettiest wedding a couple weeks ago posted on there. It seriously was my favorite wedding I've seen on their site. Not sure if that's because it had yellow and white together, succulent in their floral arrangements and pom poms. Pom poms are so cute and SO easy to make. I all ready made one and plan to make more this summer. Here is a tutorial from Martha. Then here are the links to more photos of that wedding 1, 2, 3.

Pulled Pork BBQ - (I put this in for you B) I love this stuff. I get it whenever I got to Texas Roadhouse and had it the other night at Rendezvous in Memphis.

Loving the new Green Day album. I bought that for Tad's birthday and then stole it from him immediately. Every song on there is great, my least favorite is the one they play on the radio, Know Your Enemy.