Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Logan

Sorry this week is all the posts are full of Logan. This is for Teisha so she sees how cute he is and stops and visits when she is in town. Even though I shouldn't post these pictures since I remember her saying she'd start a blog when she moved and she's been there for over 4 months now.

Here is Logan watching tv. There must have been something exciting on or maybe just music. These were taken 3 weeks ago when he still crawled a lot. He doesn't do much crawling now but he still loves to play on our stairs any chance he has.

Also I'm trying to decide if people put baby locks up because it's to keep babies out of the bad stuff or so you don't have to keep picking the stuff up. I'm thinking it's the later one. He loves the Rubbermaid drawer.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

At the beginning of October we went to Pack Farm's to pick out our pumpkins. We were almost eaten alive. There were tons of bugs but this was also right after we had all that snow. My goal is to find different patch for next year that has better picture options. I'd love any suggestions. There were kids around so Logan wave very distracted.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Birthday Outtakes

I had all these plans to make these cute birthday invites. But life got a little busy and I just didn't have time. So here are some photos that I took that didn't get to used.
He loves to books and they keep him busy for hours each day. He gets so into them too. I love how this picture, the book is upside-down and he's so into it.

He does this look all the time whenever there is something exciting. I thought it would be good to show that he is turning 1.Logan has taken over Tad's Xbox chair. He totally thinks he owns it and gets so upset if anyone is on it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Logan's Birthday

Logan had his birthday on the 16th but we celebrated it the Saturday before. He got lots of fun presents and he loves them all. He loves to ride around on his little car and also stand up on it.

Here he is eating his cake. We were so worried because the cake was so big but he didn't make too much of a mess. He really didn't like it when his Uncle Tim put the cake in his face but oh well Logan wasn't getting messy enough.

Did anyone go to the zoo this weekend? We tried but it was beyond crazy. Rachel it was way worse than you even described it. We decided to go to the park instead. I don't think we'll ever try to do the zoo again around Halloween. I'm wondering why the zoo doesn't do their Boo at the Zoo every Saturday in October since it was so unbelievably busy.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Still Here

Yeah I'm still around. Just been very very busy at work. I have two trials at work. One that started Monday and goes till Halloween and then another that starts November 4th. Yeah it's been very busy. Also my internet connection went on a cruise (my parents) so that is another reason for no updates. Hopefully next week will be better.

This Saturday you can trick or treat Hogle Zoo from 9:00 to 3:00. I think we might have to check this out because I might be stuck at work on the 31st.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Fall Cleaning

Does anyone else have the bug? I've been cleaning like a mad women and dejunking. Just wondering if anyone else out there is doing the same. It's been crazy but I'm loving that I'm getting rid of so much stuff (ie. 7 bags of clothes, 6 bags of crap to the DI).

Also I'm so glad Miss Teisha registered in Florida. I'm seriously so jealous that she gets to vote in one of those few states where the race isn't pretty much decided. Now I just need to talk her into coming out to visit.

Also here was my little slap in the face on Tuesday. So I got ditched for lunch with my dad so I run over to the food court. Nope, it would be closed for demolition. I knew it was coming mid October but this was 10/6. So now there is no where to eat within 2 blocks. Nice. I can't wait till 2012 when this project is done.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Collette's Family

Awhile ago I had the opportunity of taking pictures of Collette's family. I used to work with Collette and now I only get to see her when we have our work's softball games. She has two cute little boys that are only 13 months apart so she is seriously wonder women.
Zeke didn't want much to do with pictures so I was able to get one of him on his own. He was looking for the little light in my camera.

I love this picture because it was totally unstaged but Collete and Nate are doing the exact same thing. I think these two are used to 'herding' these two boys. ;)
I love this shot even though it has tons of flare.I so wanted one of the pictures of them on the grass to turn out. This one still makes me laugh and I love the other ones where Collette is leaning forward trying to grab Zeke before he runs away.

This was my favorite of the whole group. I love the light behind them and I love the light flair in Collette's hair.

Thanks Collette for letting me take pictures of your family and I'm mailing your CD today.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gardner Village (continued)

Tad and Logan went to Utah's Aloha Festival while I was taking pictures of Mason.
Here is Mason and Logan together. Logan of course thought he needed to give Mason kisses as soon as he saw him. I spared you those pictures though.

Logan was really tired and every photo I tried to get of him he was so serious. I loved the catch lights in this photo though.