Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Collette's Family

Awhile ago I had the opportunity of taking pictures of Collette's family. I used to work with Collette and now I only get to see her when we have our work's softball games. She has two cute little boys that are only 13 months apart so she is seriously wonder women.
Zeke didn't want much to do with pictures so I was able to get one of him on his own. He was looking for the little light in my camera.

I love this picture because it was totally unstaged but Collete and Nate are doing the exact same thing. I think these two are used to 'herding' these two boys. ;)
I love this shot even though it has tons of flare.I so wanted one of the pictures of them on the grass to turn out. This one still makes me laugh and I love the other ones where Collette is leaning forward trying to grab Zeke before he runs away.

This was my favorite of the whole group. I love the light behind them and I love the light flair in Collette's hair.

Thanks Collette for letting me take pictures of your family and I'm mailing your CD today.


Lettie said...

Oh yea! They look great Sabrina. I don't know how anyone gets their kids to sit and pose properly for a family picture. I like the real life version better I think. Thanks again!

Sheri Wojtasek said...

Ok girl....when are YOU available! Your a photog genius!