Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I made these really cool before and after shots side by side but I have no clue how to rotate them, so turn your head.
Some of it doesn't look very good and I need to organize some more but seriously it's so much better and the fact that you can walk in there without following a trail is great.

In the back corner is all our outdoor summer stuff like camping, kayaking, mt. bikes stuff. Then the shelves hold pots, potting, soil, etc.
I moved one of the book shelves in there to this little area next to where the garage door is and put all the toxic yard stuff on the top shelf, then car cleaning stuff, then yard tools on the next two shelves, then seed supplies under that.

I've all ready got my next project planned but I'll have to post on Monday since I'm running to girl's camp.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dudley Family Function

This weekend we had the Dudley Family Reunion up in Park City and Kamas. Everyone stayed at The Shining Hotel, we chose not to though. On Saturday we went up to Tad's Aunt Darlene's house in Kamas and played water balloon volleyball. Here's Logan with his glowing Aunt Kirsten who's expecting in January. We can't wait!Tad and his cousin Cherie playing water balloon volleyball.
Darlene has the coolest house ever. This wasn't the best group photo I had but it showed the most of her house.
Logan even got to meet one of his cousins, Javian.
He even got some kissing time in.
We took this behind the hotel but by the time we were able to take it, it was raining, so it isn't the best plus my nephew wasn't too happy about being outside in the rain.
Other things we also did this weekend
  • Went to Midway to check out this store.
  • Ate at The Dodo. Yummy BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla and Chocolate Almond Mousse Pie
  • Shopped at The Gateway and Park City Outlets
  • Went to my girl's camp fireside.
  • Watched Princess Bride.
  • Ate at El Chubasco in Park City. Yummy salsa and I so want their chairs out front.
  • Celebrated Jared's 26th birthday and I actually gave him a present on time. Hasn't happened since he was probably 10.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Handcart Day BBQ

Last Wednesday was the 7th Annual Clogger's BBQ. It was a lot of fun, as usual. Tad wasn't able to make it since he had school but Gary took care of me and BBQ'd my chicken for me. After the BBQ we went to watch the fireworks and we didn't get caught in the sprinklers so bonus.

Here is cute Adyson on the swing. She went to go see the huge Bountiful parade and got lots of candy. (Lucas it is a big parade.)

Everyone around Addy - Brandi, Mike, Jamie and Leah. Kelli's sitting down but for good reason, she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. Liz and Halle - they also have a new blog that I hope they'll show lots of Halle.
These three were trouble. Actually just the boys were. Logan loves to tackle any baby he can get his hands on and then kiss them. So he totally would go after these two. Mason loves to just crawl all over. Halle isn't quite mobile yet so she just sat there and was a total doll.
See isn't Halle cute? Here's Robbie and Melanie with the two troublemakers.Which brings me to Mason, he is just the cutest kid. I love his almost white hair, it's so blond and his huge blue eyes. He's a cutie.

Can't wait till Lucas' big White Elephant party in December when Joey is here.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July

How about a post about the 4th of July on the 24th of July. Just a little bit behind.
Check out those rolls on his legs. Love them!
Bill made yummy ribs. Tim and Kirsten enjoying their meal.
Tad gets very serious when it comes to eating ribs.
Logan is sleeping off all the jell-o shots he had.

Savannah and Tug - she had fun riding on his back.Patriotic Logan. He doesn't have a bloody nose it's just the aftermath of massive amounts of jell-o.

My parents and Jared and Debbie were there I just don't have a picture of them.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cute Face

I have not edited this photo, his mouth is really that purple. All I'll say is I hate gentian violet.
Here's Logan in our bed. I love how smooshed up his lips are.
This kid will eat ANYTHING! The only thing we've found he doesn't like is mandarin oranges.
Then a photo to highlight his huge cheeks.

I'll have garage update photos on probably Monday. I need to take the after shots.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Arrested Development

So I've finished Arrested Development and I loved it. I feel like I should have taken notes during each episodes because there were the best one liners or just funny moments. After I got into it I kept trying to decide who was my favorite character or who was the most messed up. It would seriously be a toss up. So I'll write what I love about each character and tell you at the end who is my favorite.

Lindsay - Love that she can never get a man, especially when her dad pays his workers to avoid her. Also love her chicken dance. Love that she is always trying to further a cause.

Tobias - I don't think there was a line he said on the show that didn't have me laughing (we'll leave it at that). He's a never nude (say that out loud it's fun to say). He never gives up his dream of being an actor. He suffered from GVH. Never became a Blue Man.

Maeby - Loved how she was ignored all the time. Loved that she had a successful career at the movie's studio. She not only liked one cousin but two of her cousins.

George Michael - Love that he is in love with his cousin. Love all the lines his dad says to him that can totally be taken wrong and to go for your cousin. How can you not love a guy that works at a banana stand?

Michael - Love his stair car. He is hot. Never knew Justine Bateman was his sister so that episode made me laugh. He has the worst luck of anyone I know. Loved when he dated Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Charlize Theron (MR F). Love that in Hancock he was pretty much the same person and Charlize Theron was his wife.

GOB - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his chicken dance! Also I love that he has made me finally enjoy one of the worst songs ever - Europe's Final Countdown. He's the father of STEVE HOLT! Love his Segway that he rides.

George - He invented the Cornballer. Love that he uses a one armed man to teach his children lessons. An actual Blue Man Group member. He committed "light" treason.

Lucille - She is such a loving care giver. Love how mean she is to Lindsay and when she said, "We are having Lindsay chops for dinner." Love that she found it in her heart to adopt a Korean son. She's a great date to take to Motherboy.

Buster - He's so brave, facing his fears of the ocean and seals. "Hello Brother!" "Hello Possible- Nephew!" He loves his mom and I can only hope Logan is like that. He loves juice.

Sorry lots of yelling in this post but there's lots of yelling in that family. I will say I am so sick of the credits song and never want to hear that again. My favorite Bluth is Tobias. So now you guys have to tell me your favorites from the show and your favorite character.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pool Party

This is such a typical face for Logan, I swear he has this grin a quarter of the time.

Savannah came over to get in on some of the pool action. Then I can't tell between the last two which is cuter so I posted both.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wildflowers at Silver Lake

The flowers around Silver Lake were gorgeous. They were different from what I usually see because I think these are more water loving wildflowers so I loved the change.
Mountain bluebells were everywhere.
The rest of the flowers I'm not sure what they are because there wasn't a sign describing them.These reminded me of little irises or orchids.I thought these looked like salvia or speedwell.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Silver Lake

Saturday we went up to Silver Lake. It's pretty much up Big Cottonwood Canyon right before Brighton. It was gorgeous up there. I also love it because it has a boardwalk almost all the way around so it really doesn't feel like a hike and it's super short. I told Tad we need to go camping at the Spruces and then go on the longer hike to Twin Lakes. Also I wouldn't mind coming up on some Sunday for a picnic since it was so pretty.

Here are some various photos of Tad and Logan walking around the lake.
Here is a view of the lake with people fishing on the other side.
Lovely group photo. Notice the lake on the right of the photo. Oops, it looks like our photographer chose to shoot the tree rather than the pretty lake on our left.Then we went to the drive in and saw Hancock. It was a good show but would have been a better rental. All the wildflowers were in full bloom up there so tomorrow I'll post those photos.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sorry, I've kind of neglected this blog. Hopefully I'll get some posts going by tomorrow. Lately all my time has been eaten up by
a) watching Arrested Development
b) trying to put to bed Logan which hasn't been a hard thing to do but lately he wants to go to bed after 11
c) just being way too tired to do anything because I didn't get to bed at 10:30 but more like 11:30 or midnight.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy Weekend, Busy Week

Well I didn't get everything done from my list over the weekend but it was still a very busy and productive weekend.

  • Logan went to the West Bountiful parade with his grandparents and Savannah.
  • I delivered fliers in the scorching sun with the YW. I actually didn't walk around hardly at all but it was so hot at 10 AM.
  • Tad mowed the lawn and went kayaking with Tim.
  • Logan and I went to the Farmer's Market with Nanette and Eli. We at food from Sudan and it was yummy.
  • I trimmed the hedges. If you need to get some agression out I totally recommend it even though I wasn't upset about anything. Logan sat on his quilt and played with his toys while I trimmed.
  • Walked all the way from WX City Hall to West Bountiful Park to watch the fireworks. Then walked back in the dark. I was very soar after this. Also I found that most of West Bountiful doesn't have sidewalks and there are only 2 street lamps in the city. I still would love to live in any of the homes on 800 West in West Bountiful though.

Here is a photo from the fireworks.

While at the Farmer's Market I ran into my friend Kelli's parents. Funny thing is they live in Colorado so it was a shock to see them at the market. So Sunday their whole family stopped by my parents' house and I got to see them all. Here is a photo of me and Kelli at our neighborhood 4th of July parade (ignore that my eyes are closed). Kelli has a cute 5 year old and I can't believe her kid is almost the same age we were when Kelli moved away. We kept in contact through the years by writing letters and her family would come out for a week each summer. Kelli seriously looks the same minus the mouse costume and lovely 80s makeup.