Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I made these really cool before and after shots side by side but I have no clue how to rotate them, so turn your head.
Some of it doesn't look very good and I need to organize some more but seriously it's so much better and the fact that you can walk in there without following a trail is great.

In the back corner is all our outdoor summer stuff like camping, kayaking, mt. bikes stuff. Then the shelves hold pots, potting, soil, etc.
I moved one of the book shelves in there to this little area next to where the garage door is and put all the toxic yard stuff on the top shelf, then car cleaning stuff, then yard tools on the next two shelves, then seed supplies under that.

I've all ready got my next project planned but I'll have to post on Monday since I'm running to girl's camp.

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Lettie said...

Good job! Wow (and duh to me!) hanging all the rakes and stuff really looks better and are probably way easier to get to. I think we need some too.
I'm excited to see what your next project is and thanks for inspiring me to get to work around my own house!