Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Busy Weekend, Busy Week

Well I didn't get everything done from my list over the weekend but it was still a very busy and productive weekend.

  • Logan went to the West Bountiful parade with his grandparents and Savannah.
  • I delivered fliers in the scorching sun with the YW. I actually didn't walk around hardly at all but it was so hot at 10 AM.
  • Tad mowed the lawn and went kayaking with Tim.
  • Logan and I went to the Farmer's Market with Nanette and Eli. We at food from Sudan and it was yummy.
  • I trimmed the hedges. If you need to get some agression out I totally recommend it even though I wasn't upset about anything. Logan sat on his quilt and played with his toys while I trimmed.
  • Walked all the way from WX City Hall to West Bountiful Park to watch the fireworks. Then walked back in the dark. I was very soar after this. Also I found that most of West Bountiful doesn't have sidewalks and there are only 2 street lamps in the city. I still would love to live in any of the homes on 800 West in West Bountiful though.

Here is a photo from the fireworks.

While at the Farmer's Market I ran into my friend Kelli's parents. Funny thing is they live in Colorado so it was a shock to see them at the market. So Sunday their whole family stopped by my parents' house and I got to see them all. Here is a photo of me and Kelli at our neighborhood 4th of July parade (ignore that my eyes are closed). Kelli has a cute 5 year old and I can't believe her kid is almost the same age we were when Kelli moved away. We kept in contact through the years by writing letters and her family would come out for a week each summer. Kelli seriously looks the same minus the mouse costume and lovely 80s makeup.


Leah & Mike said...

You totally look like yourself in that picture - I guess because that is actually you in the picture. Anyway, I love your to-do lists! I LOVE lists and yours makes me think that I need to put more on my list - you are quite the little worker!

Brad and Aisha Johnson said...

I love that your eyes are closed...Sorry I couldn't ignore it. You look adorable!

Katey said...

Gotta love that last picture! Hey- if you get this tonight, can you call me and give me the address for the CA performance I want to come and get find an address for it :o). Thanks