Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dudley Family Function

This weekend we had the Dudley Family Reunion up in Park City and Kamas. Everyone stayed at The Shining Hotel, we chose not to though. On Saturday we went up to Tad's Aunt Darlene's house in Kamas and played water balloon volleyball. Here's Logan with his glowing Aunt Kirsten who's expecting in January. We can't wait!Tad and his cousin Cherie playing water balloon volleyball.
Darlene has the coolest house ever. This wasn't the best group photo I had but it showed the most of her house.
Logan even got to meet one of his cousins, Javian.
He even got some kissing time in.
We took this behind the hotel but by the time we were able to take it, it was raining, so it isn't the best plus my nephew wasn't too happy about being outside in the rain.
Other things we also did this weekend
  • Went to Midway to check out this store.
  • Ate at The Dodo. Yummy BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla and Chocolate Almond Mousse Pie
  • Shopped at The Gateway and Park City Outlets
  • Went to my girl's camp fireside.
  • Watched Princess Bride.
  • Ate at El Chubasco in Park City. Yummy salsa and I so want their chairs out front.
  • Celebrated Jared's 26th birthday and I actually gave him a present on time. Hasn't happened since he was probably 10.

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