Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gardening Weekend

This weekend I'm really hoping to get some seeds planted to get going on my NY Resolution. We have a huge yard and if I'm going to have any new plants this year they've most likely have to come from seed. I'm also going to try to do some peas and beans this year and little pumpkins. I'm not a big vegetable gardener so that is huge for me. Our neighbors behind us used to have a huge garden that would provide most of their produce for the year. I'm more about the flowers. I do love homegrown

tomatoes though except I always get the homosexual tomato plants but that's a whole other post for another time.

I'll also be watching a lot of Elmo this weekend. Actually I'm 99% sure that's probably the word that Logan is in the process of saying during this picture.

Friday, February 27, 2009


I finally got a picture of his fangs. Logan has his top four teeth in but for some reason the outside teeth hang down lower so it looks like fangs. I finally got a picture of them even though we get to see them all the time.

These were taken on V-day. He was so good and played outside while I shoveled the driveway. I only had to put him in the middle of our front yard once and have him walk to me because I knew with the snow it would take him forever. Yes, I know I'm mean but for the most part he loved it.

Logan and I also ran up to the outlets after this and they had some killer deals going on. So if you need some clothes I'd go up there.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remember me in this time of need

Okay so Lucas brought this yummy salsa to our Christmas party and it is SO GOOD. Well I've never heard of this Green Salsa that the LDS Church let's you can. It seriously is amazing. I was hording the jar and wouldn't share. Well I ran out a couple weeks ago.
I asked our food storage specialist in the ward how I could get some. Well she wasn't sure but she said she had some. Well I didn't think much of it but told her that if she ever hears of an opportunity get some salsa to let me know. Well lo and behold she (Becky) stopped by my house right after church with 2 jars. I thought it was so absolutely sweet and the nicest thing ever.
So if you have an opportunity to get some Green Salsa jump at it and also let me come with you (I'm totally serious). I'd love to get some more.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I know I've been gone for awhile. I've been gone for several reason.

1) When doing this diet you absolutely have no life because the hour you have a day to yourself I was spending exercising.
2) I've been taking home a lot of "homework" that I've been working on.
3) Nothing interesting going on because I've been doing the above two items.

Well the last week and a half I haven't been doing too good on the diet. I was down 4.5 lbs. on the 15th, which I guess would be 11% of my goal to lose. Also another thing that will motivate me to get back on the bandwagon was getting my picture taken for work. OMG! That was absolutely horrible. Why didn't anyone tell me I was that fat? Seriously don't answer that one. If you haven't gotten your picture taken I totally recommend it but it's totally depressing but now I know what I actually look like. Yikes.

The Tad finally joined Facebook. I think he saw that I was friends with all of his good friends that he wanted to be on there too. So go be Tad's friend here.

Logan is OBSESSED with Elmo. It's completely replaced Thomas. I'm okay with that because he's learning stuff which he wasn't with Thomas. He now counts to three. Also each morning I know he's awake, not by crying but because he's whining for Elmo. He does that until we go get him out of bed and start the video.
Love this photo I took last night that was a happy accident. I love that everything is blurry but Logan's face. He really is such a funny kid right now.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Layouts

Today I took Logan to the doctor. It's not strep but he was still pretty miserable. He said to wait a day before filling his prescription. I hope he is all right.

So ever since I've started this diet it's cramped my scrapbooking time but since I had a couple days where I've been stuck at home I was really able to get a lot of pages done. Oh yeah I'm doing the P90X DVDs and they totally kick your butt. I've never done anything so hard and I hate the yoga tape the most. I seriously can't do 3/4 of the stuff on that tape. Maybe with time it will get better. I've got my planned cheat meal for this weekend and I'm REALLY excited for that (Cafe Rio here I come).

Right now I love anything that has trees on it. So I scraplifted Doris Sanders from SB Etc. Nov./Dec. 2008.
This layout is inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner from a layout she did of her delivery in CK. I'm not sure which one but I just remembered it because it was so cute. I tucked the whole 7 1/4 pages of his delivery behind the patterned paper because I know no one wants to read it but maybe one day down the road someone will. Right now I'm still working on forgetting the whole thing.
I also did a close up shot because it's really it's really light.
This one is of Logan's 15 month accomplishments. I'd planned to do one each month but this is the only one I've done. Also it's missing the '1'. It fell behind my desk so some day I'll have to find it because there isn't another one that matches.
Totally kept this one simple since I just think he's the cutest thing ever in his elephant costume. I also loved this paper so didn't want to cover it up.
I loved how this one turned out. I did the orange because Jared is obsessed with it. It turned out brighter than I liked but I still love it. I scraplifted Mellette Berezoski from SB Etc. Feb./Mar. 2007 and then the accents from Jen Jokish from SB Etc. Jan. 2008.

Chick Flicks

Okay I'm starting my own tag. Since Saturday is Valentine's Day I thought this would be fun. I love chick flicks so I thought I'd pick my top five. This was really hard to do. I even had to watch some of the runner ups to narrow down my list but it wasn't too bad since I've been home the past two days with a sick boy. So here it is in order of how great they are.

5) Okay so I couldn't narrow it down so this one is a tie between You've Got Mail and Return to Me.

I had to have a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie on the list. This one is my favorite of all they've been in together. Plus this movie has tons of lines Tad and I quote all the time.

Return to Me, I just love David Duchovny. I also love all the old guys in this movie and think they are hilarious. The leads just seem like they are really in love and it's just perfect how it ends. I almost forgot Bonnie Hunt and Jim Belushi are so funny - I think Jim has all the best lines.

4- Finding Neverland - I'm not a Johnny Depp fan but I'm totally in love with him in this movie. Okay so they never kiss in this movie but you can tell they care for each other so much. I love when they are finally watching the play and he is holding her hand. I love how he is with her boys and all the concern he has for them. I love that even his wife understands that he needed them.

3- Meet Joe Black of if you are Tad, he calls it Meet Jose Negro - Ok so it doesn't hurt that Brad Pitt is in this movie but I'd probably still like it even if he wasn't. Maybe. I love, love, love the scene in the coffee shop. I just think this is a love story all around and not just with the couple but the daughter and father. I also would love to go to work everyday by helicopter. I also can't stand the guy on Medium because I just think of him as Drew who is the jerk in this show.

2) The Notebook - I know totally over the top romance but I love it. I love just the story of the young couple but then they have to also throw in the story of the old couple too. I also think all the scenery is so pretty in this show from the house, to all the ducks and just their main street that they walk down. I also thought it was cute that the stars dated in real life.

1) An Affair to Remember - Cary Grant has to be at the top of the list. This movie is amazing. You don't even see them kiss until the end but you can tell they are totally in love with each other. I think my favorite scene is when she is hugging her boyfriend and Cary Grant kisses her glove. Love it. I've seen this show so many times but still tear up at the end every time. If you haven't seen it you need to.
Okay so I want everyone to read this at least comment what their favorite chick flicks are but I especially want to hear from Sheri, Bevany, Brittany and Erin (because I know Erin probably was dry heaving all through this post).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Something to Aspire to

**Warning skiing post.** Since we've got our digital converter box channel 5.2 shows skiing all the time and it's awesome but the race I talk about below was on just plain NBC. This post is also mostly for Teisha so she can see how awesome this guy is.

So I was watching the Men's Giant Slalom today and my favorite skier came on. No not Bode Miller, I'm so over him because he's all talk and doesn't ever place well. My new favorite skier is Didier Cuche. He won the GS today. I actually want to be just like him. Nope not his skiing but what he does right after he is done with his race. Here is a video and you only have to watch at the 3:00 mark. Tomorrow I'll try to post something that people other than Fullers would enjoy to read about.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Perry Mason Party

Two Sundays ago we had a Perry Mason party for my sister-in-law, Debbie, who loves Perry Mason. It was Debbie's birthday, her last one if you ask Tad. Tad believes 29 is a woman's last birthday after that you just shouldn't bother and by then you should trade them in for younger models. He's so sweet isn't he?

So you might be asking yourself what do you have at a Perry Mason party. Well I didn't know either. Brittany came up with the smart idea of using ties to decorate. So I wrapped ties around pots to decorate. I was going to also get some law books but was busy at work. Then all the guests wore suit coats. Debbie even turned on the tv to Perry Mason after dinner. Also Brittany suggested having home town cooking. So I cooked Dr. Pepper pork roast, garlic mashed potatoes, salad with crumbled bleu cheese and cheese muffins. I think everyone had a good time.

Then here is a picture of little Isabelle. She has the biggest eyes and she always has that startled look on her face. Logan can't quit kissing her when they are together. It's really funny because he has to kiss at least every 2 minutes. Hmm, wonder where he learned that from.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you fondue?

Friday night we had a fondue party with the Evans, Downers, and Downer's sister and husband (not sure what their last name is but starts with an H and I just called them the cheaters). The food was so good. I was loving the cheese fondue but trying to stay away from it because it's not good for the diet. The other was a broth that you put your meat in to cook. It was so good.
Logan and Eli didn't get along too well but maybe some day they will get along. Also this weekend Nanette got released from YW which I'm so sad about. I'm really going to miss hanging out with her each Tuesday. She was such a good leader. I also lost my advisor so I'm sad about that too since she was so fun, brought candy and the girl's loved her.
After we pigged out on fondue, talked in depth about weird undergarments, upcoming Vegas trips and cheesynovels we played Pounce.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sweet Skiing

Saturday we went up to Deer Valley to watch the Freestyle Cup moguls finals. There were tons of crashes so it was fun to watch also knowing how steep that run is was just amazing to watch them ski it. I'll probably watch it again when it airs on NBC. It was so fun. The best part though was having Teisha in town. I'm so glad she is here and we got to visit. I get to see her again tomorrow while we watch our favorite nerd, Chuck.

Tad also took his Saturday ski class to watch the Super Pipe competition at PCMR. He was right at the front of the fence so I'll have to watch that on tv in case I see him but I told him I'm going to be watching the skiers not the sidelines.

Also over the weekend I got a new nephew, Miles Evan Fuller. We haven't met yet but I'm sure he is cute. I hope Kirsten is doing great because it sounds like it was a long labor but I'm sure she thinks it was worth it all ready.