Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Calling

Well I didn't get much of a break at all. I was called as the Primary Secretary. I think it will be totally different pace compared to the last calling except this last week was a little crazy. I had the monthly report to do plus over half the teachers were gone and only one member of the presidency was there. So I'm hoping there aren't many weeks like last week but so far I'm really enjoying my new calling.

Also I'd planned on reading the Old Testament this year. The night before I got my calling I was working on some bookmarks that would correlate with the Sunday School requirements but also have all the other chapters too. Yeah it doesn't work out that way. So after I had the worst headache and then got my new calling I made these cute bookmarks with our Stake's theme for the year. With my new calling I don't have to feel guilt that I'm behind with Sunday School because I get a do over. Sweet. I also have a couple leftover bookmarks if someone wants one at church.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Favs

It's been awhile since I've done a list of things I love right now. So bear with my randomness in this post.
Love, love these dishes from Costco. I'm sure they are all gone now but they are so cute and also came in green. I didn't get them because I felt like I couldn't justify them with how many dishes we all ready have. In case there are still available you should pick up a set.

Kmart also has some way cute dishes from Country Living.

Love the colors teal and orange together. Not sure if they are just bright and cheerful colors and it was a gloomy winter but it seems like I'm seeing them together all over the place.

Image I think is from Style Me Pretty.

Some patterns I love right now are anything hounds tooth or newsprint. I really want to find some fabric with just black and white text on it. I also have been adding these two patterns to anything I scrapbook lately.

Love botanical prints. I want to get 16 of them in a flashcard size and put them in my old windows hanging on my wall. If anyone knows of a set that doesn't cost as much as my house let me know. I've been wanting these for awhile.

Photo from Decorology.

I love the view out my office window. I can look over the entire valley towards the southwest and watching storms roll in is my favorite. They come in so quick and they're so creepy. I've tried to get a picture trying to show this but it just doesn't do it justice.
This could go for two things I love. Vintage dresses and clothes pin garland. We'll just focus on the clothes pin garland. Right now I just love anything that is put up using clothespins.

Image from vgkchick.

Okay this favorite is one I never thought I'd put. I love texting. I don't love having a cell phone but I love being able to text. I know those who know me probably just fell off their chairs. I'll give you a minute to get back up.

Honeycrisp apples. Yummy! I have a little boy that loves apples and in the last year I've ate a lot of apples and these are my favorite. They are so sweet and good that they are worth the extra price.

I'm still completely obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars. The Easter Bunny is totally bringing that album to me. Another band I've been in love with for awhile is Passion Pit. Not only is their name completely awesome but so is their music. I love their song Little Secret.

Vintage cameras. I lost an eBay auction last night for a cute mint green camera like the one pictured. I don't want these to shoot pictures but just to sit as a home decor item.

Image from Shannon Williams.

I eat a lot of tv dinners for lunch and I have to say Healthy Choices are the best. Not only are they low calorie but it actually feels like I ate something unlike Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines. The Cafe Steamers are my favorite but aren't always on sale like the regular Healthy Choice.

I'd love to hear what things you love right now.

spring time

spring time
Originally uploaded by Tara Anderson
Here is a gorgeous picture of poppies that I was trying to find a couple weeks ago. Tara Anderson took this and if you look through her flickr profile or etsy shop she has the cutest scrapbook stuff ever.

I've been loving this spring time weather. Logan and I spent all last Saturday just playing outside. I got lots of yard work done. My goal is to get it all done super early this year so I can play instead of work when it's super hot this summer.

I'm debating on hosting Easter dinner at my house this year. Does anyone have any amazing Easter recipe they've seen or they use? Seen any cute Easter dinner decorating ideas? Send them my way if you've seen any.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fabric Roses

I've made a bunch of these roses and now I just need to put them on headbands or clips. I'm lucky though because I have a really nice hair model. This model has also shown me that headbands can double as a belt. This model however wishes to remain anonymous due to their busy schedule. Here are two I made for my niece for Christmas.

Next I want to try making one of those bib necklaces. The whole clasp/chain thing is what has intimidated me from making one. I want one so bad but not for the $80-$150 price tag.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I knew this year would be the year of change and so far it hasn't disappointed. This last Sunday I was released from YW. I've been in a little over 5 1/2 years (6 girl's camps) so I knew it was only a matter of time. I'll miss the girls but I'm excited for whatever the Lord has next for me. I get so excited about what the future holds because I've never had all my nights free. Before I was in YW, I would teach dance or had night classes so my brain is just running wild with all the things I could do to fill up my time.

I'm also so ecstatic about the women they called to take our place. They are all amazing women and I have no doubt they will be amazing. I know that I built amazing friendships with the girls and love all of them so I'm not worried about keeping in touch with them and see them grow up.

Since I won't be at YW anymore I was going to post about this change Sunday but I had to take one last chance to put up photos of the girls since I know they love it so much. ;)
I tried to find photos that I was in so I wasn't just embarrassing the girls. This photo makes me laugh. We were canoeing on the Jordan River and it looks all innocent but I think I'd just gotten done threatening the girls with their life if they tipped the canoe. I remember that I told them how many bodies are pulled out of the Jordan River and I didn't want to fall out then trip on a dead body under the water. Yeah not one of my finest moments but hey I didn't get wet and the girls were terrified. Can't forget camp where we had our 'eye candy.'

One of the fun things serving in YW was getting to see people in our ward's hidden talents. I really got to know the widows in our ward and people I would have never known had we not involved them in our activities. At this one I got to see the amazing skater my sister-in-law Kirsten is.
My cute Beehive class last summer with Kimmy.

I got to camp at gorgeous places. Beehives here is a preview of how pretty Heber Valley is.
I got to hang out with the weird YM too.
I could act as goofy as the girls. Also I feel like I more than made up for my years in YW when I never got to go because I took dance.
Yeah I might need to go into hiding for posting this next picture.

When I first got put in YW we had a very small group of girls but we still had tons of fun.
Serving in YW I also got to work with a lot of amazing women. Looking over the photos there are a lot of them that have moved away that I miss so much. I'm going to miss hanging out with the leaders as much as the girls. Also have to point out cute Brek is preggo in this picture. She'll just love seeing this photo. Hee!

Wow looking at those photos I used to be skinny. So I guess the only advice I can give to the new leaders (if they blog stalk me) is YW makes you fat. I'm not sure if it's that or my love affair with french fries. Hee!

Also I want to just pass on my two favorite sites that I would use all the time for YW.

SugarDoodle - has answers to everything from activities, pp, lesson ideas, etc.

Shanna Vineyard - makes the cutest handouts ever and I've used her ideas several times.

Peace out girls!