Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

This is just a quick post because I've been busy as can be. We'll just say that I've all ready put in a full week's worth in just two days.

I'm also refusing to post Easter pictures because everyone and there dog has done that and I know no one wants to see one more picture of someone finding Easter eggs. It totally doesn't bug me that everyone posted about Easter I just find it funny because I think more people posted on Easter than they did Christmas. Oh and the dinner was really good.

Just a quick story about cute Logan. So two Sundays ago I was cooking Thai food (I was trying to do a whole theme with dinner to go along with Amazing Race but nope it wasn't on that week (yes I know I'm weird to have a theme night)), so I'm cooking away and the phone rings. Of course, there is no phone upstairs because we left it downstairs. So I tell Logan to go downstairs and get me the phone so I can call back. I had to keep repeating the request because I knew he'd find something else and get distracted but I stayed upstairs cooking away and he brought me the phone. Such a good kid.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Where I've Been?

Well I'd like to say I was somewhere exciting but nope I was home. I could say I was busy with work but nope that wasn't the reason either. Yeah so I had some pictures and blog posts planned this week but what was I doing instead. Yeah I was reading a stupid romance novel that was just terrible. It totally sucked me in though.

I've realized I have a problems with romance novels though, it doesn't matter if they are just awful and you know how they are going to end I can't do anything else but spend every spare second reading them.

Well this one was terrible and a book burning has been discussed because it really was stupid. It was by an LDS author and we'll just say it made Jack Weyland books look brilliant. Let's just say that it involved a couple and the girl was dying of cancer and wasn't LDS and the author threw in an orphan. Yes it ended exactly how you would think but the worst writing ever. I'll try better next week.

I'm cooking Easter dinner this Sunday so everyone remember me in your prayers because we all know how I never cook. Here's the menu.
Kirsten's Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake (It's to die for and I'm hoping to decorate it like the cake on the right).
I'm also very excited for Logan's Easter present, it might be more of gift for myself.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miles' Blessing

Sunday was cute Miles' blessing and he was totally blessed because we got tons of lovely snow. I'm just sad it's all ready gone. We had tons of yummy food (Kirsten I really do want that chocolate coconut recipe). I love this photo of the siblings looking all starved. Oh and Nikki's house has tons of huge windows so tons of back lighting which made it difficult to shoot with all that beautiful snow out there. Auntie Dar even came down from Kamas. Also Nate and Ashley graced us with their presence.
Logan and Jack had their own table to eat at.
Here's the cute family of 3 (they'll say 5).

Then a shot of The Tad and his cute brothers. Please notice the photos hanging to the right of them, Nikki let me boss her around and tell her where to hang stuff.