Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sporks and Babies

So I can't load the pictures on here like I want to because something is wrong with my flash drive. So you'll have to wait for Miles' blessing photos.

So tonight we went to KFC for their $2.99 deal. I know you are grossed out but continue on. So when did KFC get rid of their sporks and why? Too many spork related injuries? I seriously want to know why.

Also one of my young women is in the Teen Living class in jr. high and tomorrow she is getting her baby that they have to carry around with them everywhere. So get this they have to use these certain dolls because they are more reliable and the only way to feed these dolls is to breastfeed them. I found this completely hilarious. I can't even imagine having to do that in jr. high. I guess there is something they hook to their t-shirts to feed the babies. Even the boys in the class have to breastfeed. I still can't stop laughing about it.

Something else that has me questioning the world. Did anyone else while watching NBC last night and they revealed that ER is a 3 hour series finale yell, "3 hours!?!" Are you kidding me this show should have died 4 years ago but they are going to drag out the final episode for 3 hours.

Also since most people will be reading this on April 1st I'm so excited about all the snow and that's totally not a joke.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bag Party

I still need to draw names for the bag winner. I'll get to that tonight.

So I was thinking maybe instead of a crop this Saturday how about a bag party?
It would still be at my house at 7:30 but instead of scrapbooking I'd tell you what items you need to make the bags and I'd show you how to make them. Let me know.

Materials to make the bags
10 yards of duck tape (Walmart is the cheapest or Michael's if you have a coupon)
20" x 16" piece of heavy fabric (this fabric is on sale at Jo-Ann's for 30% off)
fabric scissors

Also it's really easy to make 2 bags because you can get 2 bags out of 1/2 yard of fabric and one roll of duck tape makes two bags.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Okay so these photos don't do these bags justice at all but they are seriously so cute and super easy to make. They are just fabric, duck tape and staples.
Well since I've been making these bags like a mad woman, I want to give one away. Just leave a comment and I'll draw a random winner. I'll let you pick which fabric you want. Any of them but the black (only because I gave away that one).

In case you are thinking I'm creative I'm totally not. I got the idea from this book, Simply Sublime Bags. I can't wait to make some of the other bags. They are so cute.

Better Friend

A couple weeks ago I was able to meet up with my 'better friend' to go to lunch. Sarah and I were such good friends in high school and now I see her maybe once every other year. We can't blame distance because we probably used to live a mile away from each other. Well I hope that all changes this year.

She also brought Miss Brooklyn. She was little Miss Chatty and was so funny. She wouldn't go to the neighbors because she didn't believe her mom when she told her she had friends. Hee! It was a fun lunch and I'm hoping to see Sarah again soon and not wait till 2011.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Trash, Your Treasures

So it probably isn't a treasure but I've been cleaning house and rather than throwing these things away I thought I'd see if anyone was interested. If there are multiple entries I'll randomly pick a winner.

So I was cleaning out my scrap room and found a kit for an Olympic layout. I just finished scrapping all my Olympics stuff so I can't use this layout at all. This is just a photo of the completed layout. It's kind of old school but everything is there to make this layout and it retailed for $6.00 circa 2002-2003. To enter - post your favorite Winter Olympic event?
Here's a stamp set I bought and never used. Haven't even opened the package. To enter just list your dream vacation?

Here's a desk I had in my scrap room and it's just too small (my room not the desk) to have in there. To enter: you just have to be able to come pick up this desk. Hey this desk has wheels on it you could drag it behind your car if you don't have a truck.

Another stamp set I've never even opened the packaging. To enter: Tell me what your favorite flower is?

Okay so this cross stitch I've had since high school. It's partially finished and comes with all the thread and instructions. I found it recently and thought I'd finish it but it's just not my style anymore. If you'd like it it's yours. Note: it does not have that frame that's just the picture. To enter: Let me know of a project you started and never finished.

You can enter to win all of them. I just want to get them out of my house. Later this week I'll have another giveaway. I'll pick the winners Thursday night.

Monday, March 16, 2009

BO - Building Odor

Okay so I know I was supposed to post some giveaways. I'll do that tonight, if I survive today.

It's smells like urine in our building right now. Not a small scent of it but full on stink of urine. Like dry heaving, gagging smell. When my lunch arrived I went outside to eat it on the Plaza. Yeah it must have had some different dressing or feta but lunch was very gross. The building said it was just the cooling system being turned on for the first time this year that has a bad smell that lasts 20 minutes. I'm sorry but it's been over an hour and it smells exactly like an outhouse. It's horrible. I've been in this building 9 years and we've never had this stink before.

So I'll post those giveaways tonight because this must be karma coming back to haunt me and my sense of smell. UGGH!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Beginnings

Tonight I get to speak at New Beginnings. The past week I've stitched two of these for new Beehives. My topic is on the fun things we are doing this year and also Personal Progress (PP). If anyone has any suggestions on how to encourage the girls to work on their PP, I'd appreciate any advice.

Monday, March 9, 2009


Well if you haven't heard the Mammoth Men have taken over Park City. What!? You don't know what the Mammoth Men are. Well check out their blog, you won't be dissapointed. They have a party tomorrow night that I'm so sad I'm missing. Maybe they'll just love the pow pow so much they'll come back to Utah next year.

Yesterday Savannah (my niece) had her 3rd birthday. It was a pretty princess party. Logan even joined in by wearing some earings. I have photos but I'm sure Tad doesn't want them posted.

Then I also made a card for Savannah. If the card doesn't make sense then you obviously don't watch enough Elmo. Dorothy is Elmo's goldfish. Obviously I've seen one too many videos of Elmo.

Also that little card brings up something exciting I got for my birthday . . . a Quickutz Silhouette. I love it. I've all ready thought of tons of things I want to cut out and I can't wait to do my Christmas cards this year. So in celebration of my new present and because I haven't had one in a while. I want to have a crop. I'm thinking Saturday, March 28th. Leave a comment if you want to come. We'll just have it at my house and if you could bring a treat to share that will be great.

I'm going to try to be better at posting this week and I'm planning on having some giveaways on Thursday or
Friday this week. Come back and maybe there will be something you want.