Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sporks and Babies

So I can't load the pictures on here like I want to because something is wrong with my flash drive. So you'll have to wait for Miles' blessing photos.

So tonight we went to KFC for their $2.99 deal. I know you are grossed out but continue on. So when did KFC get rid of their sporks and why? Too many spork related injuries? I seriously want to know why.

Also one of my young women is in the Teen Living class in jr. high and tomorrow she is getting her baby that they have to carry around with them everywhere. So get this they have to use these certain dolls because they are more reliable and the only way to feed these dolls is to breastfeed them. I found this completely hilarious. I can't even imagine having to do that in jr. high. I guess there is something they hook to their t-shirts to feed the babies. Even the boys in the class have to breastfeed. I still can't stop laughing about it.

Something else that has me questioning the world. Did anyone else while watching NBC last night and they revealed that ER is a 3 hour series finale yell, "3 hours!?!" Are you kidding me this show should have died 4 years ago but they are going to drag out the final episode for 3 hours.

Also since most people will be reading this on April 1st I'm so excited about all the snow and that's totally not a joke.


Lettie said...

the breastfeeding thing is WEIRD!

About ER - Nate says all the time that he is so angry that the show is still on, so, there is at least one other person who is in agreement with you.

bevany said...

OH MY GOSH!!! First of all...I totally almost blogged about how I can't wait until ER is FINALLY over. Seriously. Does any one watch that show anymore? So funny. Second...I'm dying over the jr high kids breastfeeding. Weird! We aren't even forced to breastfeed as real moms. I never took the class where you got a baby and I always wanted to. Funny post.

bevany said...

Sorry for two comments, but I forgot...I LOVE KFC...and I love sporks. Weird they don't have them anymore. Maybe they're too expensive to make now.

Teisha said...

This post is so funny! 3 hours for ER? Crazy, it's about time though!

What in the world is a spork? So not a KFC fan!

And finally breast-feeding 13 year old boys totally hilarius! I can't even imagine!

Tim and Kirst said...

I was just saying the EXACT same thing last night to Tim when I heard that about the ER finale. I didn't even know ER was still on TV.

OK and the breastfeeding thing...I'm not sure I would give my parental consent to that one for my boy. :)

Sheri Wojtasek said...

The pictures I have in my mind LOL I have got the giggles.....and Ray's comment after him asking what I was laughing so hard at was....THAT is what my hard earned tax dollars are spent with! And to think all I had to do was hall around a "salt" baby!