Monday, March 23, 2009

Bag Party

I still need to draw names for the bag winner. I'll get to that tonight.

So I was thinking maybe instead of a crop this Saturday how about a bag party?
It would still be at my house at 7:30 but instead of scrapbooking I'd tell you what items you need to make the bags and I'd show you how to make them. Let me know.

Materials to make the bags
10 yards of duck tape (Walmart is the cheapest or Michael's if you have a coupon)
20" x 16" piece of heavy fabric (this fabric is on sale at Jo-Ann's for 30% off)
fabric scissors

Also it's really easy to make 2 bags because you can get 2 bags out of 1/2 yard of fabric and one roll of duck tape makes two bags.


Teisha said...

I wish I could go! Will you post a step by step? I would love that if you could!

Tim and Kirst said...

duct tape?!?!? Are you for real? Count me in--I got to see this.

Sheri Wojtasek said...

That would be a lot of fun!

bevany said...

Does this mean you're not going to the general YW meeting? What!?

Brandi said...

I'll be in St. George all weekend for the clog... I think you should give me a pity bag :)

MHall said...

I wish you could show us how to make them in your blog, too. If there's some way to seal them with velcro, magnet, zipper, flap with snap, whatever, they could be really useful for cosmetics and traveling.