Monday, March 16, 2009

BO - Building Odor

Okay so I know I was supposed to post some giveaways. I'll do that tonight, if I survive today.

It's smells like urine in our building right now. Not a small scent of it but full on stink of urine. Like dry heaving, gagging smell. When my lunch arrived I went outside to eat it on the Plaza. Yeah it must have had some different dressing or feta but lunch was very gross. The building said it was just the cooling system being turned on for the first time this year that has a bad smell that lasts 20 minutes. I'm sorry but it's been over an hour and it smells exactly like an outhouse. It's horrible. I've been in this building 9 years and we've never had this stink before.

So I'll post those giveaways tonight because this must be karma coming back to haunt me and my sense of smell. UGGH!!!!


Sheri Wojtasek said...

That is sooooo gross! Good thing you aren't pregant can you imagine!!!

Teisha said...

I hope they fix it soon! That could make some grumpy lawyers!

MHall said...

why don't they do that at night or before you get there, or late Friday night?

Brittany Evans said...

I think you can blame it on a certain receptionist who will remain nameless.