Friday, July 24, 2009

23rd BBQ

Last night was our annual clogger 23rd of July BBQ. We've been doing this BBQ since we've moved into our house so about 7 years. Here is Logan after eating a brownie and holding baby Cooper. Here's Logan, Acelin and Kate in the covered wagon going for a ride. These three were so cute they were just making laps on the little slide. Also notice how nice and clean the girls' clothes are but not Logan's.
Over the years the parties have totally changed. We used to play cards all the time now it's more refereeing the kids as they get into trouble. It's still a lot of fun though. Poor RD & Amanda's kids because they are older, that I'm sure they are always bored to death having to hang out with all these babies. Now onto our Pioneer Obstacle Course we came up with. I have to totally thank Tad for helping with this and get it all put together and then being the first to complete the course. We'll just say he was upset about having to complete it (understatement of the year).
First you had to put on the appropriate pioneer attire. Here's RD putting on his bonnet.Mike put on his bonnet right on top of his Jazz hat. Not sure if that was for strategic reasons.
Then they had to pick up some lazy pioneer children to put in the wagon. Lucas is traversing through the Rocky Ridge (ropes on the ground that you couldn't run over with the wheels).
This photo's out of focus but I loved it. Joey didn't pick up a lazy pioneer child but a lazy Brandi.Here's Joey gathering chips for wood (didn't have newspaper for paper mache turds so we made pancakes and spray painted them brown).There was also a station where they had to shoot the rubber band gun at some pop cans.
I didn't get a picture of them gathering Sego Lily flowers (10 morning glory flowers) but here is Tad walking back from gathering.It was a fun night and I'm glad we didn't loose any pioneer children through the course. It was touch and go a few times. Then we went and watched fireworks. This was Logan's first real time watching fireworks and when he was actually sitting he would cheer for them. It was really funny and was fun to hear all the kids cheer for the fireworks. Thanks for everyone for making the trek up to Bountiful. I thought it was a lot of fun and think we need to get together more than just St. Patty's and the 23rd.

Here's the recipe for the bean dip.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legacy Parkway

Okay so I've been meaning to post this for awhile but I felt like I needed some photos to back it up. Until recently we've gone down to Legacy at least weekly. I absolutely love the trails down there. I'll admit there are tons of bugs but in the last month there haven't been any. It is absolutely gorgeous down there too. They had red poppies when I went down there with the YW on a bike ride. We've walked, biked and rollerbladed the trail.

Here are Logan and Savannah in the bike trailer ready to go. These two are so loud when you put them in the trailer together, it's really funny. We went down there once with my whole family, even my parents rode their bikes.Here we are at Dump Lake, I mean Bountiful Pond. It's actually really pretty here but I won't be eating any fish that comes out of that lake since it's so close to the dump. We even got Teisha and kids to go on a bike ride when they were in town. We miss you guys all ready but we'll see in October in Florida. YAY!!!It's also fun to feed the ducks at the pond. Tad wants to go kayaking out on the pond.See I told you it was pretty.

So if you haven't gone down to Legacy I totally recommend it. If you're ever looking for someone to go with you call us because we'd go in a heartbeat.

Two helpful hint, if you're rollerblading probably don't go to 500 South unless you want to go down the big overpass. We went t0 2400 South and that was totally flat and didn't have to worry about a crazy hill. There also are no bathrooms or water down there so plan accordingly.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Busy as Bees

Holy cow, I don't think December can compare with how busy our July has been. We've had something every single night for about 3 weeks now. It's crazy. Last week I had a BBQ with my old ward friends I would do a separate post on it but I forgot to take any pictures. It was fun to see them again and then it didn't really seem like it had been as long since we had so many inside jokes.

This summer we also have taken a lot of bike rides. It's been a lot of fun. Logan absolutely loves the park and he now can yell it and then goes running down the driveway to go to the park. Scares the crap out of me since we have that busy street we live on. We've been too busy to go on any bike rides lately (also it's been too hot) but here is some photos we took when we went to Mills Park. They have a bunch of trails throughout the park that are fun and you don't have to worry about getting hit by cars.
Well I've got to go I still have to make paper mache turds for our Clogger Pioneer BBQ Yes you read that right. We figured out how to make the covered wagon so if you are a clogger and we're debating on coming to the BBQ hopefully just to find out what that's all about has pushed you over the edge to attend.
Oh one more thing, so we should be receiving Amazing Race Season 1's Finale tomorrow. So my question is, if you watch the show tell me what seasons were your favorite. Or if you can't remember the season but the annoying couple let us know. I'll just say I can't stand Team Guido at all and I'll be furious if they end up winning. Ugh!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Memphis and the Other Embarrassing Story

Lots of people have asked me what I did when I was in Memphis. No I did not go to Graceland. I did go to Beale Street twice. I did see the ducks in the fountain at the Peabody. I drove by the hotel where Martin Luther King was shot. I could tell you what to and not to order from The Madison's room service menu. I could also give you some restaurant recommendations - eat at Rendezvous and if you want really good Italian eat at PaPa Pia's.

Here is the view out the conference window that I worked at and spent most of my time there. The team that plays at this field is the Memphis Redbirds. One exciting thing did happen while we were there. There was a fire that broke out probably a mile away, the flames were huge, I'd never seen something like that before. Here's were I lived for 2 1/2 weeks. I really miss this bed it was so soft and much more comfortable than my bed at home. Here is the view of the Mississippi River from the roof of our hotel. On the other side that is Arkansas. I still have not been to Arkansas.

Okay now for the part of this post you've all been waiting for. Okay I have to give some back story to this. So when we were in court we were on the 11th floor. The men's bathroom is on one side of the elevators and the women's on the other. When the female jurors needed to go the bathroom during our breaks they wouldn't allow us to go in there because you aren't supposed to talk to the jurors or have contact with them.

Well during one of our breaks the bailiff just told me to go down to 10. So I run down to 10, use the restroom and I'm washing my hands when a juror walks into the restroom. No not just any juror, a male juror. I just told him I thought he was in the wrong one. So he goes back to the door and opens it and sure enough it says Men's. I'm just dying. This juror was so nice and knew I was humiliated and just says, "I'm going to just laugh at you when we go back in court and know you went in the wrong one." I was just dying because I didn't want to say a word to him since you aren't supposed to talk to them at all.

So for the rest of court (a little over a week) I just was dying because I couldn't explain my stupid mistake. Just to be clear there were no urinals in there that I could see just stalls so I had no clue it was the men's and I obviously didn't read the sign.