Monday, July 13, 2009

Memphis and the Other Embarrassing Story

Lots of people have asked me what I did when I was in Memphis. No I did not go to Graceland. I did go to Beale Street twice. I did see the ducks in the fountain at the Peabody. I drove by the hotel where Martin Luther King was shot. I could tell you what to and not to order from The Madison's room service menu. I could also give you some restaurant recommendations - eat at Rendezvous and if you want really good Italian eat at PaPa Pia's.

Here is the view out the conference window that I worked at and spent most of my time there. The team that plays at this field is the Memphis Redbirds. One exciting thing did happen while we were there. There was a fire that broke out probably a mile away, the flames were huge, I'd never seen something like that before. Here's were I lived for 2 1/2 weeks. I really miss this bed it was so soft and much more comfortable than my bed at home. Here is the view of the Mississippi River from the roof of our hotel. On the other side that is Arkansas. I still have not been to Arkansas.

Okay now for the part of this post you've all been waiting for. Okay I have to give some back story to this. So when we were in court we were on the 11th floor. The men's bathroom is on one side of the elevators and the women's on the other. When the female jurors needed to go the bathroom during our breaks they wouldn't allow us to go in there because you aren't supposed to talk to the jurors or have contact with them.

Well during one of our breaks the bailiff just told me to go down to 10. So I run down to 10, use the restroom and I'm washing my hands when a juror walks into the restroom. No not just any juror, a male juror. I just told him I thought he was in the wrong one. So he goes back to the door and opens it and sure enough it says Men's. I'm just dying. This juror was so nice and knew I was humiliated and just says, "I'm going to just laugh at you when we go back in court and know you went in the wrong one." I was just dying because I didn't want to say a word to him since you aren't supposed to talk to them at all.

So for the rest of court (a little over a week) I just was dying because I couldn't explain my stupid mistake. Just to be clear there were no urinals in there that I could see just stalls so I had no clue it was the men's and I obviously didn't read the sign.


MHall said...

at least you weren't in the stall and the juror didn't slide his foot over, tap his toe and do hand signals under the stall. HAHA. You probably wish you had been in the stall so you could hide until everyone left. OMGosh that is so funny.

Williams Family said...

While I have no interest in moving to Memphis, it does have a few high points. Sorry you were stuck there, working, with no tour guide for so long! Shoulda called us for some recommendations!

bevany said...

That's funny but I think the other one with you on the stairs better. That's a long time to be away from home by yourself. I wouldn't have survived.