Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Legacy Parkway

Okay so I've been meaning to post this for awhile but I felt like I needed some photos to back it up. Until recently we've gone down to Legacy at least weekly. I absolutely love the trails down there. I'll admit there are tons of bugs but in the last month there haven't been any. It is absolutely gorgeous down there too. They had red poppies when I went down there with the YW on a bike ride. We've walked, biked and rollerbladed the trail.

Here are Logan and Savannah in the bike trailer ready to go. These two are so loud when you put them in the trailer together, it's really funny. We went down there once with my whole family, even my parents rode their bikes.Here we are at Dump Lake, I mean Bountiful Pond. It's actually really pretty here but I won't be eating any fish that comes out of that lake since it's so close to the dump. We even got Teisha and kids to go on a bike ride when they were in town. We miss you guys all ready but we'll see in October in Florida. YAY!!!It's also fun to feed the ducks at the pond. Tad wants to go kayaking out on the pond.See I told you it was pretty.

So if you haven't gone down to Legacy I totally recommend it. If you're ever looking for someone to go with you call us because we'd go in a heartbeat.

Two helpful hint, if you're rollerblading probably don't go to 500 South unless you want to go down the big overpass. We went t0 2400 South and that was totally flat and didn't have to worry about a crazy hill. There also are no bathrooms or water down there so plan accordingly.


MHall said...

that's really pretty. Some great photos, too.

Tiffany said...

That is so beautiful! I would love to go check that out, Kaden would love that!

bevany said...

I keep hearing about this place, but I have no idea where it is. Send me some details about it, it looks like fun.

Brittany Evans said...

Hey Bina . . . you are such a great photographer . . . good job