Wednesday, September 15, 2010

You Can Make This/DIY Dish

This past weekend I was able to catch one day of Spark. I'll post more about that hopefully this weekend. While there I met two of the nicest ladies, Kim and Kris. They live in Utah and are identical twins and they have a web show that they host (new episodes go up each Monday night). I'd heard of one of their sites, You Can Make This but I hadn't heard of their web show site, DIY Dish. Talk about cute ideas and they are on Studio 5 all the time.

I love this garland idea for utensils. I've got to make that for next year's BBQ season. I'll definitely be checking out their site from now on.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping and PCMR

I started this post a couple weeks ago, then went out of town. While I was out of town it changed from Summer to Fall. It seems like overnight because where I was it was definetly still hot.

This little guy absolutely loves camping. If we tell him about a camping trip he'll ask about it each day until we go. I'd been super busy with work but I told Tad that no matter what Logan and him were going to our Ward Campout. Luckily I was able to go too.

Here is Logan painting his picture frame.

Our campout was just past the Park City exit and it was gorgeous. If I could I'd buy a winter house up here so I could drive 10 minutes to go skiing. One can dream.

After camping we checked off 2 more items from our Summer 16 list. We rode the chairlift at PCMR, alpine slide, merry go round and the airplanes. Logan was sad to leave.

We also went to El Chubasco up in Park City. I love the salsa bar at this restaurant. Also I covet their motel chairs out front. They have them in bright colors and I just want to take them home.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tomato-Basil Pizza

This is my new favorite pizza. This summer we ate this meal once a week. At the beginning of summer we used fresh basil from our garden but that quickly was depleted. I took the recipe that PW had posted and modified it a little because her version was a little too salty.

- Roll out favorite pizza dough.
-Drizzle lightly with olive oil. Spread it around the entire crust so it makes a very thin layer over it.
-Make a layer of fresh basil leaves over the crust (you could use a pesto spread but the fresh leaves taste better)
-Slice tomatoes and put a layer on top of the basil
-Slice fresh mozzarella to put over tomato layer (I've also used grated not so fresh mozzarella and it tasted fine)
-Sprinkle grated Parmesan over the top (optional)
-Bake pizza according to crust directions

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Web Wednesday - Martha

By now you know that I love those tissue pom poms. For Easter dinner this last spring I was trying to use up what I had around the house so I made mini pom poms for napkin rings. They turned out so cute and super simple.

Then I used some Ikea plates that I wish I'd so bought a case load of. I love the design, hugeness and square shape of them. I thought the look turned out very cute.

While I don't frequent Martha's website, it seems like a lot of my favorites in Flickr have ideas that go there and so I use her site a lot even though it's usually through other sources.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

J. Wong's Asian Bistro

A couple weeks ago we had family pictures done. After we went to our favorite restraunt for our FFF's. J. Wong's Asian Bistro. It's in downtown SLC right behind the Salt Palace on 200 South. It's our favorite Chinese restaurant. In case you don't want to go downtown then go to China Platter in Bountiful (it's Jason's mom's restaurant).

In case you want to know what we like here you go
  • potstickers (Logan's favorite)
  • lettuce wraps
  • salt baked shrimp
  • steak salad
  • sweet n' sour pork
  • Thai basil beef (Tad's favorite)
  • walnut shrimp (my favorite)
  • sticky coconut rice with mangos
  • deep fried cheesecake bites dipped in ice cream

Pretty much everything is good.

Click on the names of the restraunts below for the menus
J. Wong's Asian Bistro
China Platter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Wednesdays - Jefra Linn

Recently I've been going through our photos and found some that aren't perfect. Usually when I shoot I want that perfect shot. Perfect pose, metering, lighting, white balance, focus, etc. Well last year at Spark Jefra talked to us about photography. I love Jefra's approach to photography. She showed us some techniques but the biggest thing for me was just showing us how to play and that shots don't have to be perfect. Check out her site and her amazing garden here.

This was a set up shot for a self portrait on our hike in Yellowstone. I love the small bit of focus.
This next shot would probably be better if I had a black border around my photo. I love how over exposed this shot is that you can just barely make out the island at Bountiful Pond.

Another overexposed shot of Logan at the pond.
Love how you can only tell the water is there in the corner of the shot and the rest is overexposed but not Tad and Logan.
This shot I just love because I didn't pose Logan that way, he just did it with my glasses. I wish it was in focus but few shots are with how fast he is on the move.

I'd love to see some shots you've taken that are "happy accidents."