Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Web Wednesdays - Jefra Linn

Recently I've been going through our photos and found some that aren't perfect. Usually when I shoot I want that perfect shot. Perfect pose, metering, lighting, white balance, focus, etc. Well last year at Spark Jefra talked to us about photography. I love Jefra's approach to photography. She showed us some techniques but the biggest thing for me was just showing us how to play and that shots don't have to be perfect. Check out her site and her amazing garden here.

This was a set up shot for a self portrait on our hike in Yellowstone. I love the small bit of focus.
This next shot would probably be better if I had a black border around my photo. I love how over exposed this shot is that you can just barely make out the island at Bountiful Pond.

Another overexposed shot of Logan at the pond.
Love how you can only tell the water is there in the corner of the shot and the rest is overexposed but not Tad and Logan.
This shot I just love because I didn't pose Logan that way, he just did it with my glasses. I wish it was in focus but few shots are with how fast he is on the move.

I'd love to see some shots you've taken that are "happy accidents."

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Anne said...

these photos really are amazing and so beautiful.