Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Camping and PCMR

I started this post a couple weeks ago, then went out of town. While I was out of town it changed from Summer to Fall. It seems like overnight because where I was it was definetly still hot.

This little guy absolutely loves camping. If we tell him about a camping trip he'll ask about it each day until we go. I'd been super busy with work but I told Tad that no matter what Logan and him were going to our Ward Campout. Luckily I was able to go too.

Here is Logan painting his picture frame.

Our campout was just past the Park City exit and it was gorgeous. If I could I'd buy a winter house up here so I could drive 10 minutes to go skiing. One can dream.

After camping we checked off 2 more items from our Summer 16 list. We rode the chairlift at PCMR, alpine slide, merry go round and the airplanes. Logan was sad to leave.

We also went to El Chubasco up in Park City. I love the salsa bar at this restaurant. Also I covet their motel chairs out front. They have them in bright colors and I just want to take them home.


Kris said...

Sabrina! You are so funny! I loved your comment you left on our blog. My eye is doing a ton better! LOL It really was great to meet you as well! (Even when I felt like a complete idiot with the oils!) :)

bevany said...

I just went to PCMR for the first time last week. It was awesome! I went by myself with sisters in law, but I kept thinking how much fun the kids would have.