Thursday, September 2, 2010

J. Wong's Asian Bistro

A couple weeks ago we had family pictures done. After we went to our favorite restraunt for our FFF's. J. Wong's Asian Bistro. It's in downtown SLC right behind the Salt Palace on 200 South. It's our favorite Chinese restaurant. In case you don't want to go downtown then go to China Platter in Bountiful (it's Jason's mom's restaurant).

In case you want to know what we like here you go
  • potstickers (Logan's favorite)
  • lettuce wraps
  • salt baked shrimp
  • steak salad
  • sweet n' sour pork
  • Thai basil beef (Tad's favorite)
  • walnut shrimp (my favorite)
  • sticky coconut rice with mangos
  • deep fried cheesecake bites dipped in ice cream

Pretty much everything is good.

Click on the names of the restraunts below for the menus
J. Wong's Asian Bistro
China Platter

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