Monday, August 30, 2010

Twilight Concert - She & Him

I know some of you were sitting on the edge of your seats wondering if I made it to the She & Him concert. I did. It was good. It would have been fabulous if the 1000s of hipsters that talked so loud you could hardly hear the music would have stayed home. Also when did 6'2" become average height? I so should have ate more vegetables growing up.

I won't go into all the things I said in anticipation to this concert because then you'd truly see how weird I am but let's just say I was really looking forward to it.

At the very back of the concert were some weird family members. It was great to see them even though they were in the VERY back. Who does that at a concert? I had to put both pictures of my sister-in-laws because obviously that can't look normal in unison. Both of these ladies are Logan's favorite people ever. I think he prays each day that they will take him home and one of them will be his mom.

Tad got a little brotherly love from Nate.


Ashley said...

Oh man bean, I am so happy with those pictures... Nik and I really do look great. And tell Logan that Jesus answered his prayers, I will be his mom any day!

Teisha said...

Weirdo's is right! Who does that? Oh I forgot who we were talking family is so weird!
Totally Jealous though! Looks like so much fun!