Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cecret Lake - Albion Basin

A couple Sundays ago we went up to Cecret Lake. I only found out about Cecret Lake 3 years ago. I honestly think it’s the most beautiful place in Utah. The wildflowers there are seriously how Hollywood tries to portray the mountains but the thing is they are all real in Albion Basin. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I believe I almost saw Bella and Edward laying in one of the meadows. Okay totally kidding about that part.
This hike is super simple. It’s just ¾ of a mile one way. It’s relatively flat except for the 3 switchbacks but if you just think there are only 3 really steep ones its okay. Plus as soon as you do the switchbacks you are there at the lake.

It’s so pretty up there take a look at the view from the road. The parking lot was full so we had to hike a little more but it was a cinch.


Tiffany said...

wow that is so beautiful. How do you get there? I would love to do that one time we visit family. You guys find the funnest things the last time we came my boys went to the firetruck park multiple times and loved it!

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..


bevany said...

Yes...that place is beautiful. Mike took his brothers in law up there a few weeks ago and got some great shots of the flowers.

Mike and Mindy said...

Sabrina! I love that you are going out and experiencing everything Utah has to offer. I think it is a great idea and something I wish I would have done more of before we moved. The Greek Festival and Cecret Lake...those two are my favorite things!! I snuck up to Cecret Lake last weekend when I was in Utah for 24 hours. I know I know...going to the old ward stomping grounds or Cecret Lake...such a toss up! :)

When we move back we want to join you on your outtings!