Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Web Wednesday - Hostess With The Mostess

Probably my favorite things about blogs is all the ideas I get from other blogs and being pointed in new directions for new ideas. So since I visit a lot of blogs I thought on Wednesdays I'd try to point out some of my favorites.

Hostess with the Mostess, HWTM, has the coolest parties ever. Yes all the parties are more than any party I'd ever have or could afford but just taking one of the ideas from their parties can make your party go from ordinary to extraordinary. Seriously, I know cheesy but it does.

I had two baby showers in April and HWTM had cute downloads that totally saved me. You can find the downloads to this party here.

Ashley's shower was first and she was having a girl. I had a death of a close friend and also got a cold/sinus/ear infection the week before so I wasn't creative at all for her party. I was able to use the downloads on the invites, cupcake toppers and I framed the signs and hung on the wall and it still looked cute.

Laura's shower was the next week and she had a boy (her baby came a little early). I had a couple more functioning brain cells that week so I used the downloads for cupcake toppers, garland and lollies.

I hope you'll enjoy HWTM as much as I have because it's totally helped me in several parties/showers I've had.

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bevany said...

I'll have to check the site out...not that I'm throwing a ton of baby showers... When you have your baby girl I'll throw YOU ONE!!!