Thursday, April 2, 2009

Miles' Blessing

Sunday was cute Miles' blessing and he was totally blessed because we got tons of lovely snow. I'm just sad it's all ready gone. We had tons of yummy food (Kirsten I really do want that chocolate coconut recipe). I love this photo of the siblings looking all starved. Oh and Nikki's house has tons of huge windows so tons of back lighting which made it difficult to shoot with all that beautiful snow out there. Auntie Dar even came down from Kamas. Also Nate and Ashley graced us with their presence.
Logan and Jack had their own table to eat at.
Here's the cute family of 3 (they'll say 5).

Then a shot of The Tad and his cute brothers. Please notice the photos hanging to the right of them, Nikki let me boss her around and tell her where to hang stuff.


Brek said...

I LOVE her kitchen! You need to post more pictures of the house if you bossed her around with the decorating!

Teisha said...

I agree with Brek more pics please! Nikki has only posted a couple of the main floor I don't thik she understands that I would like to see the whole house!

bevany said...

What a cute nephew you have. I don't think I want to see more of that house...I'm depressed enough already. Love the new look of the blog. Are you doing it yourself?

Kandis said...

he is a cutie....and so is your little guy! I just love reading your posts! I wondered that same thing about sporks...hmmmm?!
I hope all is well!