Friday, April 10, 2009

Where I've Been?

Well I'd like to say I was somewhere exciting but nope I was home. I could say I was busy with work but nope that wasn't the reason either. Yeah so I had some pictures and blog posts planned this week but what was I doing instead. Yeah I was reading a stupid romance novel that was just terrible. It totally sucked me in though.

I've realized I have a problems with romance novels though, it doesn't matter if they are just awful and you know how they are going to end I can't do anything else but spend every spare second reading them.

Well this one was terrible and a book burning has been discussed because it really was stupid. It was by an LDS author and we'll just say it made Jack Weyland books look brilliant. Let's just say that it involved a couple and the girl was dying of cancer and wasn't LDS and the author threw in an orphan. Yes it ended exactly how you would think but the worst writing ever. I'll try better next week.

I'm cooking Easter dinner this Sunday so everyone remember me in your prayers because we all know how I never cook. Here's the menu.
Kirsten's Inside-Out German Chocolate Cake (It's to die for and I'm hoping to decorate it like the cake on the right).
I'm also very excited for Logan's Easter present, it might be more of gift for myself.


bevany said...

1- I love how you put the chocolate cake first on the menu. Good luck cooking easter're crazy!
2- You have to tell me what book you've been reading.
3- Can you tell me some good locations in davis county to take pictures at? I'm sick of trying the same old pose in my living room with a white background.
4- Yes, I've been wondering where you were.

Brandi said...

How can you hate a sappy romance novel and love a movie like 'Here on Earth'? lol...

Sheri Wojtasek said...

I really like romance novelist Anita Stanfield.....she had some great romance ones with enough real time problems that make it so it's not so cheesy! I also will admit I like a lot of Nora Roberts books...all though they have some lanuage in them I have to say my own words for :o)

Brittany Evans said...

Thanks for taking one for the team Bina on the book. But I'm convinced you really liked it. :)

Erin said...

Super cute cake. Let me know how it turns out.

MMB Peggy said...

Easter dinner was splendid. The food was delicious, the presentation was beautiful! The Easter Egg hunt was so fun. It was a wonderful Easter Sunday. Thanks Sabrina and Tad and Logan.

Anonymous said...

We had a great time and the food was excellent. Thanks for a fun day.