Wednesday, March 24, 2010

spring time

spring time
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Here is a gorgeous picture of poppies that I was trying to find a couple weeks ago. Tara Anderson took this and if you look through her flickr profile or etsy shop she has the cutest scrapbook stuff ever.

I've been loving this spring time weather. Logan and I spent all last Saturday just playing outside. I got lots of yard work done. My goal is to get it all done super early this year so I can play instead of work when it's super hot this summer.

I'm debating on hosting Easter dinner at my house this year. Does anyone have any amazing Easter recipe they've seen or they use? Seen any cute Easter dinner decorating ideas? Send them my way if you've seen any.

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bevany said...

I love those poppies too. My grandma has them all around her house and they look so good. She gave me tons of the seeds to plant one year but I never did. Someday I'll plant flowers, right?