Wednesday, March 24, 2010

March Favs

It's been awhile since I've done a list of things I love right now. So bear with my randomness in this post.
Love, love these dishes from Costco. I'm sure they are all gone now but they are so cute and also came in green. I didn't get them because I felt like I couldn't justify them with how many dishes we all ready have. In case there are still available you should pick up a set.

Kmart also has some way cute dishes from Country Living.

Love the colors teal and orange together. Not sure if they are just bright and cheerful colors and it was a gloomy winter but it seems like I'm seeing them together all over the place.

Image I think is from Style Me Pretty.

Some patterns I love right now are anything hounds tooth or newsprint. I really want to find some fabric with just black and white text on it. I also have been adding these two patterns to anything I scrapbook lately.

Love botanical prints. I want to get 16 of them in a flashcard size and put them in my old windows hanging on my wall. If anyone knows of a set that doesn't cost as much as my house let me know. I've been wanting these for awhile.

Photo from Decorology.

I love the view out my office window. I can look over the entire valley towards the southwest and watching storms roll in is my favorite. They come in so quick and they're so creepy. I've tried to get a picture trying to show this but it just doesn't do it justice.
This could go for two things I love. Vintage dresses and clothes pin garland. We'll just focus on the clothes pin garland. Right now I just love anything that is put up using clothespins.

Image from vgkchick.

Okay this favorite is one I never thought I'd put. I love texting. I don't love having a cell phone but I love being able to text. I know those who know me probably just fell off their chairs. I'll give you a minute to get back up.

Honeycrisp apples. Yummy! I have a little boy that loves apples and in the last year I've ate a lot of apples and these are my favorite. They are so sweet and good that they are worth the extra price.

I'm still completely obsessed with 30 Seconds to Mars. The Easter Bunny is totally bringing that album to me. Another band I've been in love with for awhile is Passion Pit. Not only is their name completely awesome but so is their music. I love their song Little Secret.

Vintage cameras. I lost an eBay auction last night for a cute mint green camera like the one pictured. I don't want these to shoot pictures but just to sit as a home decor item.

Image from Shannon Williams.

I eat a lot of tv dinners for lunch and I have to say Healthy Choices are the best. Not only are they low calorie but it actually feels like I ate something unlike Smart Ones or Lean Cuisines. The Cafe Steamers are my favorite but aren't always on sale like the regular Healthy Choice.

I'd love to hear what things you love right now.


MMB Peggy said...

You crack me up Sabrina. I love that you add so much sunshine and spice to my life.

a&e drumm said...

My mom gave me some of my dresses from when I was a baby so if you want to borrow them to pin up on your new baby girls wall that you are going to have soon I will let you!

Brek said...

I loved those dishes from Costco too but didn't buy any for the same reason as you. Also, you need to give me your cell number so I can text you. :)

MHall said...

Cell phone # please so I can text . . .

Katie Mitchell said...

You got a cell phone? I need your number too.

My favorite things right now are:

The flowers peeking through in my garden, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and the smell of Hallie right after a bath.

bevany said...

I love that I already have your cell # when other people didn't!! I feel so special! For some reason we are obsessed with Barbies at our house. I can't stop buying them. I like pink lady apples more than the ones you're loving. Have you tried them? I'm also still enjoying gluten free cookies at my new favorite bakery. Yum!

Fuller Fam said...

At first glance I thought you were making an announcement about an upcoming baby girl :)

Love the turquoise and peach table theme-- so darling!

I'm into organization right now. Baskets, labeling...etc. Can't get enough of it. My next project-- our linen closet.

Brandi said...

It's cracking me up that everyone wants your cell #. Have you mentioned that you are ONLY texting?? Love the cute dishes in your post, now I think I need some. And, I am still loving the 30 seconds to Mars song. It's on the radio all the time and I just picture you drooling over them in your snow suit in PC!