Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More Layouts

Today I took Logan to the doctor. It's not strep but he was still pretty miserable. He said to wait a day before filling his prescription. I hope he is all right.

So ever since I've started this diet it's cramped my scrapbooking time but since I had a couple days where I've been stuck at home I was really able to get a lot of pages done. Oh yeah I'm doing the P90X DVDs and they totally kick your butt. I've never done anything so hard and I hate the yoga tape the most. I seriously can't do 3/4 of the stuff on that tape. Maybe with time it will get better. I've got my planned cheat meal for this weekend and I'm REALLY excited for that (Cafe Rio here I come).

Right now I love anything that has trees on it. So I scraplifted Doris Sanders from SB Etc. Nov./Dec. 2008.
This layout is inspired by Elizabeth Kartchner from a layout she did of her delivery in CK. I'm not sure which one but I just remembered it because it was so cute. I tucked the whole 7 1/4 pages of his delivery behind the patterned paper because I know no one wants to read it but maybe one day down the road someone will. Right now I'm still working on forgetting the whole thing.
I also did a close up shot because it's really it's really light.
This one is of Logan's 15 month accomplishments. I'd planned to do one each month but this is the only one I've done. Also it's missing the '1'. It fell behind my desk so some day I'll have to find it because there isn't another one that matches.
Totally kept this one simple since I just think he's the cutest thing ever in his elephant costume. I also loved this paper so didn't want to cover it up.
I loved how this one turned out. I did the orange because Jared is obsessed with it. It turned out brighter than I liked but I still love it. I scraplifted Mellette Berezoski from SB Etc. Feb./Mar. 2007 and then the accents from Jen Jokish from SB Etc. Jan. 2008.


Sheri Wojtasek said...

I love the 15 month layout....its top notch! I guess there is one silver lining to Logan being sick! Poor guy.....get well fast!

Teisha said...

Your amazing! I need to some how find the scrapbook bug!

bevany said...

I love them all. You must shop at Heartland...I was there the other day and loving some of those papers that you used. I still love the elephant costume :)