Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chick Flicks

Okay I'm starting my own tag. Since Saturday is Valentine's Day I thought this would be fun. I love chick flicks so I thought I'd pick my top five. This was really hard to do. I even had to watch some of the runner ups to narrow down my list but it wasn't too bad since I've been home the past two days with a sick boy. So here it is in order of how great they are.

5) Okay so I couldn't narrow it down so this one is a tie between You've Got Mail and Return to Me.

I had to have a Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie on the list. This one is my favorite of all they've been in together. Plus this movie has tons of lines Tad and I quote all the time.

Return to Me, I just love David Duchovny. I also love all the old guys in this movie and think they are hilarious. The leads just seem like they are really in love and it's just perfect how it ends. I almost forgot Bonnie Hunt and Jim Belushi are so funny - I think Jim has all the best lines.

4- Finding Neverland - I'm not a Johnny Depp fan but I'm totally in love with him in this movie. Okay so they never kiss in this movie but you can tell they care for each other so much. I love when they are finally watching the play and he is holding her hand. I love how he is with her boys and all the concern he has for them. I love that even his wife understands that he needed them.

3- Meet Joe Black of if you are Tad, he calls it Meet Jose Negro - Ok so it doesn't hurt that Brad Pitt is in this movie but I'd probably still like it even if he wasn't. Maybe. I love, love, love the scene in the coffee shop. I just think this is a love story all around and not just with the couple but the daughter and father. I also would love to go to work everyday by helicopter. I also can't stand the guy on Medium because I just think of him as Drew who is the jerk in this show.

2) The Notebook - I know totally over the top romance but I love it. I love just the story of the young couple but then they have to also throw in the story of the old couple too. I also think all the scenery is so pretty in this show from the house, to all the ducks and just their main street that they walk down. I also thought it was cute that the stars dated in real life.

1) An Affair to Remember - Cary Grant has to be at the top of the list. This movie is amazing. You don't even see them kiss until the end but you can tell they are totally in love with each other. I think my favorite scene is when she is hugging her boyfriend and Cary Grant kisses her glove. Love it. I've seen this show so many times but still tear up at the end every time. If you haven't seen it you need to.
Okay so I want everyone to read this at least comment what their favorite chick flicks are but I especially want to hear from Sheri, Bevany, Brittany and Erin (because I know Erin probably was dry heaving all through this post).


Teisha said...

I love, love this! I haven't seen your top pick, but loved all your others. My top would have been the Notebook for sure. I cry every time I watch it. My number 5 would have been How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, but the rest will take me a while to figure out. Fun post!

Sheri Wojtasek said...

What a great post! I love your idea....you now what I haven't seen 3 of your top 5! I guess I better get on the ball and check them out....I will have a lot of fun putting mine together....I too am home today with a sickie....I am sorry to hear about Logan....I hope he gets better soon!

bevany said...

I will have to think about this one. Believe it or not I'm not really a "chick flick" kind of girl, but I'll do it...today even. Haven't seen The Notebook or an Affair to Remember, can't stand Meet Joe Black, You've Got Mail is ok, but Love Return to Me.

Brittany Evans said...

Sab . . . what??? No TWILIGHT movie for you? That surprises me!! Ok I also LOVE Notebook but I read the book too and it was amazing. I also adore Meet Joe Black. BP was especially hot in that one. Return to me? Cry ever single time. Ok but here's 5 more that I love that you didn't put. Becoming Jane - Can I please have a little James McEvoy for myself? Casablanca - favorite old movie. Just Like Heaven. And to round the last 2 . . . Pride and Prejudice the movie version and the six hours of BBC miniseries. If SOH was a movie it would probably be my numero uno!!!