Sunday, February 8, 2009

Something to Aspire to

**Warning skiing post.** Since we've got our digital converter box channel 5.2 shows skiing all the time and it's awesome but the race I talk about below was on just plain NBC. This post is also mostly for Teisha so she can see how awesome this guy is.

So I was watching the Men's Giant Slalom today and my favorite skier came on. No not Bode Miller, I'm so over him because he's all talk and doesn't ever place well. My new favorite skier is Didier Cuche. He won the GS today. I actually want to be just like him. Nope not his skiing but what he does right after he is done with his race. Here is a video and you only have to watch at the 3:00 mark. Tomorrow I'll try to post something that people other than Fullers would enjoy to read about.

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Teisha said...

I don't know what your talking about, doesn't everyone love to watch skiing? This one of your best post yet. Next to any pic's of Logan that is.