Thursday, February 26, 2009

Remember me in this time of need

Okay so Lucas brought this yummy salsa to our Christmas party and it is SO GOOD. Well I've never heard of this Green Salsa that the LDS Church let's you can. It seriously is amazing. I was hording the jar and wouldn't share. Well I ran out a couple weeks ago.
I asked our food storage specialist in the ward how I could get some. Well she wasn't sure but she said she had some. Well I didn't think much of it but told her that if she ever hears of an opportunity get some salsa to let me know. Well lo and behold she (Becky) stopped by my house right after church with 2 jars. I thought it was so absolutely sweet and the nicest thing ever.
So if you have an opportunity to get some Green Salsa jump at it and also let me come with you (I'm totally serious). I'd love to get some more.


Lucas said...

Wow, I didn't realize the impact I could have on someone's life...

Katie said...

It probably comes from the cannery at Welfare Square in Salt Lake. I know they do Salsa there.