Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Sorry, I've kind of neglected this blog. Hopefully I'll get some posts going by tomorrow. Lately all my time has been eaten up by
a) watching Arrested Development
b) trying to put to bed Logan which hasn't been a hard thing to do but lately he wants to go to bed after 11
c) just being way too tired to do anything because I didn't get to bed at 10:30 but more like 11:30 or midnight.


Bevany said...

Sheesh, I've been wondering where you were. But it's all forgiven since it's because of George Michael and your cute little Logan. Can't wait for your next post.

Leah & Mike said...

YES, we are coming to your BBQ - can't wait! We were talking about it before we even got the invite! And, remind me, which cookies did I bring that you want me to make? Let me know and I will bring them. Your wish is my command (is that how that saying goes?)!