Monday, July 14, 2008

Silver Lake

Saturday we went up to Silver Lake. It's pretty much up Big Cottonwood Canyon right before Brighton. It was gorgeous up there. I also love it because it has a boardwalk almost all the way around so it really doesn't feel like a hike and it's super short. I told Tad we need to go camping at the Spruces and then go on the longer hike to Twin Lakes. Also I wouldn't mind coming up on some Sunday for a picnic since it was so pretty.

Here are some various photos of Tad and Logan walking around the lake.
Here is a view of the lake with people fishing on the other side.
Lovely group photo. Notice the lake on the right of the photo. Oops, it looks like our photographer chose to shoot the tree rather than the pretty lake on our left.Then we went to the drive in and saw Hancock. It was a good show but would have been a better rental. All the wildflowers were in full bloom up there so tomorrow I'll post those photos.


Leah & Mike said...

That is gorgeous! We went camping up at Mirror Lake the other weekend and this Lake looks so much like that one with the boardwalk and everything. K, were the cookies plain chocolate chip or were they oatmeal chocolate chip? Those are the only 2 cookies I make and I want to make the one that is good (according to you) :)

Bevany said...

THat's way pretty. I'll have to show Mike your pictures...he'd be all over that place. The wildflower pictures are great.