Monday, July 21, 2008

Arrested Development

So I've finished Arrested Development and I loved it. I feel like I should have taken notes during each episodes because there were the best one liners or just funny moments. After I got into it I kept trying to decide who was my favorite character or who was the most messed up. It would seriously be a toss up. So I'll write what I love about each character and tell you at the end who is my favorite.

Lindsay - Love that she can never get a man, especially when her dad pays his workers to avoid her. Also love her chicken dance. Love that she is always trying to further a cause.

Tobias - I don't think there was a line he said on the show that didn't have me laughing (we'll leave it at that). He's a never nude (say that out loud it's fun to say). He never gives up his dream of being an actor. He suffered from GVH. Never became a Blue Man.

Maeby - Loved how she was ignored all the time. Loved that she had a successful career at the movie's studio. She not only liked one cousin but two of her cousins.

George Michael - Love that he is in love with his cousin. Love all the lines his dad says to him that can totally be taken wrong and to go for your cousin. How can you not love a guy that works at a banana stand?

Michael - Love his stair car. He is hot. Never knew Justine Bateman was his sister so that episode made me laugh. He has the worst luck of anyone I know. Loved when he dated Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Charlize Theron (MR F). Love that in Hancock he was pretty much the same person and Charlize Theron was his wife.

GOB - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE his chicken dance! Also I love that he has made me finally enjoy one of the worst songs ever - Europe's Final Countdown. He's the father of STEVE HOLT! Love his Segway that he rides.

George - He invented the Cornballer. Love that he uses a one armed man to teach his children lessons. An actual Blue Man Group member. He committed "light" treason.

Lucille - She is such a loving care giver. Love how mean she is to Lindsay and when she said, "We are having Lindsay chops for dinner." Love that she found it in her heart to adopt a Korean son. She's a great date to take to Motherboy.

Buster - He's so brave, facing his fears of the ocean and seals. "Hello Brother!" "Hello Possible- Nephew!" He loves his mom and I can only hope Logan is like that. He loves juice.

Sorry lots of yelling in this post but there's lots of yelling in that family. I will say I am so sick of the credits song and never want to hear that again. My favorite Bluth is Tobias. So now you guys have to tell me your favorites from the show and your favorite character.


Lettie said...

I love them all and glad to hear you did too!
I loved the end shows when they were not embarrassed at their desperation to stay on the air.
I need to rewatch them. I think part of the reason I liked JUNO was because of the matching cast members. And I thought the episode with his sister was funny, simply because it was his sis. And Jason Bateman is handsome. And Lindsay is such a slut. And Kitty with her - you'll never see these again. And Gobis over the top, Tobias very likable and so gay, and so on...

So, we never found out about your garage? Am I the only one on the edge of my seat about your project?

Bevany said...

Oh man, you've made me want to rewatch the whole show. It's been a while since we watched them. Jason Bateman is pretty hot in the show, I will admit. I think Gob is my fave. Maybe a tie with George Michael. I swear, it made me laugh more than any tv show ever.
I am also on the edge of my seat to hear about your garage. Update us.

Bevany said...

Okay, Buster is pretty dang funny, too. They are all my favorite for different reasons. Sorry for the two comments. PS- put some dang links on your blog so I don't have to re-type my address in every time I comment.

Brandi said...

Jamie and I just re-watched the last half of Season 3 yesterday. When Job goes to Iraq to perform his spiritual magic show I laugh so hard I cry. When he does the burning bush and the crowd starts yelling "Burn Bush! Burn Bush!" I can't control the snorting laughter! He is my favorite Bluth for sure, followed closely by Buster. A seal with a yellow bowtie! LOL!

Jamie G said...

"Illusions Michael, tricks are what whores do for money!" Gob is great, his whole Franklin bit was hilarious. And I loved George's surrogate. "Go to a mirror, you're fired. What you're firing me?! At a wedding!"