Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm too old to be doing most of these things.

So last week I was at girl's camp. I love girl's camp and I really wanted to go because I'm sure this is my last year (I'm a 5th year as a leader). Mike N. I hope you aren't reading this and taking notes.

We went to Monte Cristo, and it's absolutely gorgeous up there. It's really remote and I've been stuck in some horrible rain/thunderstorms but the weather was perfect this time and I drove in so no yucky hiking and I wasn't 8 months pregnant this year. Yea!!!

Meisha just changed her hair color and I absolutely love it. I wish I could pull it off. Our theme for camp was Sweet is the Work, so it was all about a candy theme. One ward who is way too creative had a life size cut out of Zac Efron with a note that said "Eye Candy." I was laughing so hard when we found it that I had to go back and get a picture with it. The girls didn't seem too interested in going but man it was hard to drag them away from him when we were there. Here is our group, we were red for individual worth. Our candy bar was a Look candy bar. So we got the girls red sunglasses.
One of my favorite things at camp was that they had boondoggle. To me that is what made this camp an official summer camp. Also Tad's done some really cool ones so I think there should be an official 1st Ward Boondoggle Club. I nominate Tad as the president.
Then I left a little early from camp to go to my WX 10 year reunion. I'm glad I went. People I was excited to see I wish I hadn't talked to and then people I wasn't that good of friends with in high school I wish I had been better friends with because they were fun to talk to. I guess I'm just glad it's only every 10 years and next time I'll just expect the worst or skip it.
Then it only seemed fitting to go wait in line at Walmart for a teenager book about vampires. We were like 400 something in line. It was a lot of fun and I'm loving the book.
The rest of my weekend was spent abandoning my child while I stayed in bed reading the book. I'm half way through it.

Okay so all the funny pictures I loved from girl's camp won't post so I'll have to tweak them and post some more tomorrow. Be prepared for the biffy hats, the worst thing I did at camp and just my favorite picture I took. The girl's would be so proud I didn't take any "nature photos."


Marque said...

#1 - I haven't been to a HS reunion yet, and I'm at peace with that decision.

#2 - I can't believe YOU shop at the Devil's Workshop. Even if you have to pay a little more, you don't shop there. What are you? UnAmerican? I assume it's just a momentary lapse in judgment or lack of information. :) lol

Bevany said...

So much to comment on...LOVE the Zac Efron cut out. You should have gotten a picture of you kissing him. So funny...some girls brought boondoggle to our girls camp too, and they were all about it. I haven't seen it in years. I'm still not regretting not going to the reunion, but I'm enjoying seeing other people's pictures of it. You'll have to tell me all about it. And last but not least...I haven't even got my copy of Breaking Dawn yet, so I didn't dare open your email. I don't want anything ruined for me. Hopefully I will start it tomorrow.