Friday, August 22, 2008

Things That Baffle, Puzzle or Freak Me Out

Someone please explain the Jonas Brothers to me. They look like they are all past puberty but yet their voices still sound like 10 year old boys. Also I hate their song that is on the radio but it's seriously on every 2 seconds that I now find myself somewhat enjoying it. Please help me!

A little boy around our house is standing more and more on his own. Please help us!


Bevany said...

Seriously. My sister in law watched the girls while I was in Denver and when I came home Keigan was obsessed with the Jonas brothers. She would watch Camp Rock every day if I would let her. They are so not cute! Yay for Logan standing on his own. So cute.

a&e drumm said...

I don't get the Jonas brothers either...they are not good looking at all. It must be some type of weird disney obsession. Maybe they have figured out how to send subliminal messages through mickey mouse. Get ready for some fun with Logan!!!! It's been hard and easier in some ways with Acelin being able to walk but she's been cruising around for a couple of months now.

Sheri Wojtasek said...

WTG Logan! I am NOT a fan of the Jonas brothers at all and hope my obession with the "New Kids on the Block" in my heyday wasn't like I see todays tweeners and teens! YIKES!