Tuesday, August 19, 2008

She's Here

Well my brother has done it again. He's added one more member to his family. She's so cute just like his first offspring that we continue to keep Jared around. Her name is Isabelle Lily and I think I have a pillow that weighs more than her. She is so quiet and just sleeps all day.
Logan's no longer the baby in the family.
Also I have to share this because sometimes I really hate my sister-in-law. Her stomach is all ready flatter than mine is and it's been 10 months. Oh, I hate her.


Bevany said...

So sweet. Babies are the best. Congrats to your brother. Logan is still the baby boy!

Tim&Kirst said...

You look great! No worries. Oh and BTW...what camera do you have? I love your pictures of Logan and I think we need to look into buying a new camera so we can have awesome pics of our kids. ORRRRRRR...we could just hang around you all the time and you can take amazing pictures of our family. Oh and in case you didn't know...I've already booked you to do infant pics of this bambino when he/she comes. Capesh? Capesh!