Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Camp Part II

Here we are just chillin on the bridge at camp. I love this picture of our jr. leaders on the bridge. They were the best jr. leaders.
Okay, here is the worst thing I did at camp (according to the YW). I was almost done with New Moon and Dana wanted to start it since she skipped it. So I cut my $6.86 book. No biggie and I thought it was nice that way we both could read it and not have to wait. I'll just duct tape it back together when she's done with it.
Then here are biffy (aka porta potties) hats. You wear these hats when you go to the biffys so you have an air freshener right at your nose. These ones were pretty fancy because they had some bling attaching the air freshener.


Lettie said...

Ok - I LOVE the air freshener hats! How clever! I might have to use that one next time I go camping where there are latrines!
I also love that you ripped your book in 2. Hilarious

Kandis Broadhead said...

The hats are a hoot. I will so suggest that next year for our girls camp!

Bevany said...

I can't believe you cut your book! That's crazy. Love the hats. That's a good idea. OUr girls were spoiled with a lodge that had a kitchen, flushing toilets and showers. Seriously. Is that even camping?