Monday, August 18, 2008

Camp Out and Weekend

This weekend we had our ward camp out. It was at Crystal Hot Springs (I'm not going to link it because the pools are gross and so is the campground). All that aside we had a fun time. Friday night we had an authentic Hawaiian meal and all of it was AMAZING. Then the next day we had pancakes and cleaned up. Tad brought up his boondoggle up to share the love with all the little kids. They loved it but then all had to leave so I guess they all had something to do on the ride home.

Here's Logan just chillin while we're trying to feed him breakfast. He loves pancakes so after I felt like I'd fed him enough I gave him his own to chew on.
Here he is in the pool with Dad. If the water looks gross trust me it's even grosser in person. So far neither one of them is sick and they have lost any appendages so I think we lucked out.
Now for the part of the trip that I've been wanting to do forever. I finally had an excuse to go see the Spiral Jetty. We went with Brek & Mike's family and Sheri and the Anti-Blogger's family.

On the way to the Spiral Jetty there is The Golden Spike Monument. It was actually a lot cooler than I thought. I think mostly because they have exact replicas of the trains that were there when it all took place.
After we looked at the trains it was time to leave. I was so glad the Noice's continued on with us because even at the Golden Spike it is extremely remote. I was very surprised by all the cars coming back from the Jetty because I thought we'd be the only ones crazy enough to go out there.
Okay, so I have to say the sculpture was amazing but what was even cooler was the salt surrounding it. It was the weirdest thing to walk on. I almost felt like I was walking on ice over a lake just waiting for it to break through. It also sparkles just like snow (maybe even more sparkly). It's super hot to stand out there in the sun because of the reflection and it stinks. It still was so cool and I really wish the Noice's had walked down so I could have done some family pictures because it was cool. I also kept waiting for Jack Sparrow's ship to come up with the crabs pulling it.
So not the best picture ever but as I was loading them on the computer I just laughed so hard. I didn't know Logan was peaking his head around Tad's. That kid just makes me laugh. This little guy turned 10 months on Saturday.
Here's our family shot in front of the Jetty.
Hiking back to our car because the last little section of the road got a little scary.
I'm so glad I finally got to see this but don't think I'll ever be back since it is so remote and there is NOTHING anywhere near it.


Brad and Aisha Johnson said...

Sweet shades sab ;0

Marque said...

I'm so glad you made it there. If the water level goes up, it's covered - and it's been covered for a long time until just a few years ago. Yeah - it's very famous environmental art. You should see pictures of what it looked like when it was first done - black rock - now covered with salt crystals. And some foreign badwords want to drill for oil near this site. Was the water pinkish from the brine shrimp? Way cool. Logan peaking out is hilarious.

Tim&Kirst said...

That water doesn't look too gross, but it does make Tad look even more white than he already is :)

Sheri Wojtasek said...

Im not the anti blogger anymore! I hope you knew I was kidding about the Lochness & such.... ::giggle::

Lettie said...

I am so glad to hear you finally visited the Spiral Jetty. I think I need to go for sure now.

Bevany said...

I have never heard of this spiral thing. It looks pretty cool though. I've been wanting to go to the Golden Spike for a long time, but heard it's WAY out in the middle of nowhere. Someday, maybe. I'm still waiting for a comment on my breaking dawn post :)

Natalie said...

Hey Sabrina. This is Natalie (Roberts). I found your blog on a link from Bevany...hope that is ok. Your little one is adorable. Have fun on your adventures!