Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ski Day

During Thanksgiving two of the cutest guys went skiing - Logan and Miles. I love that everyone makes sure they match each other. I'm sure that's so they could pick up more ski bunnies.
Lo with his new goggles. He might be even worse than his daddy in thinking he needs new skis each season. When mommy was getting her new boots and skis a little boy was having an absolute fit because he wasn't getting anything but goggles.
Then the tantrum extended because we didn't go skiing that day but it was the beginning of October. Like father, like son.

Miles shredding the pow pow.
Remember these two because in 15 years they'll be the stars of the World Cup.


Kirsten said...

That was some gnarly pow they shredded! Just love this two!

MHall said...

I wondered where that beachin pix was taken. Cool. And Logan all geared up on the slopes - slay me.